Cottage By The Bay

Cottage By The Bay

Nestled within a scenic neighborhood overlooking the South Bay, our client’s newly purchased home was a blank canvas ripe for transformation to incorporate her own personal aesthetic. As a dedicated homemaker and educator who homeschools her boys, our client sought to create a home environment that resonated with her personal style while providing functional, cozy spaces for her family's everyday activities. A connoisseur of vintage aesthetics, our client came to The Vintage Rug Shop for our expertise in integrating timeless charm with modern living. 

Our initial scope was to refresh only the dining area but in experiencing the benefits of our design services,  the project soon expanded into a comprehensive redesign encompassing the living room, family room, dining & kitchen, and entryway. As our design journey continued across her home, we ensured each room harmonized with the cool, natural light that bathed the interior.

Nestled in the hills of the scenic South Bay, our client’s home was transformed from a quick builder flip into a cozy cottage. A homeschooling mom with a passion for vintage charm, she turned to us for a full service redesign, blending timeless silhouettes with everyday functionality.

Living Room: As we continued our design journey, we focused on crafting a sophisticated retreat in the living room. The centerpiece, our in-house designed Montclair sofa in Parchment, is perfectly paired with our Balboa swivel chair in Camel Teddy for a complementary look. Positioned near our client’s beautifully finished fireplace, this creates an inviting area for adult relaxation and elegant gatherings. Anchored by our custom Morro ottoman in neutral caramel stripe, an oversized abstract painting illuminated by our Orson double picture light in antiqued silver adds depth and elegance to the space. We successfully created a cozy and inviting living room that also easily allows for the flow of traffic to her upstairs in- law space.

Dining Room: The dining room, envisioned as the heart of the home, now boasts a warm and inviting feel that is made for gatherings. Furnished with our timeless Nicolo dining table surrounded by beautiful Monaco seating, our client’s new dining space promises endless comfort for lingering nights with family and friends. Adjacent to this central dining area, our Laurel cabinet was meticulously curated with our client's eclectic mix of glassware, art, and vintage accents, enhancing the room's welcoming and collected ambiance.

Envisioned as the heart of the home, our client’s new dining room exudes warmth and invites gatherings large & small.

The adjacent Laurel cabinet, filled with eclectic glassware, art, and vintage accents, enhances its welcoming appeal.

Family Room: Our client’s family room was transformed into a dynamic hub for casual family hangouts. Furnished with our hard-working Casanova sofa in Peppercorn and flanked by two Montauk swivel chairs in Jute Stripe, the room was designed to withstand the energetic pace of her three boys while maintaining a stylish edge. The materials selected were chosen for their durability and ability to handle high-traffic, reflecting our commitment to marrying style with functionality in a space where so many lasting memories are made!

Entryway: The project's scope also included reimagining the entryway. We transformed this area into a welcoming landing perch, perfect for a no-shoes household. Hideaway storage offered a place to store shoes in baskets under the entryway console, along with drawers to hide miscellaneous items such as keys and mail. A stylish mirror for last-minute checks and our Archer flush-mount light added functional elegance to this small but mighty space.

Throughout the four-month project, our client was involved every step of the way, ensuring each piece not only met her family's needs but also seamlessly integrated into a cohesive, cottage-inspired decor. Her hands-on approach helped achieve a perfect balance of everyday utility and elevated, collected style—making the home not only functional but inviting and cozy.

At The Vintage Rug Shop, we pride ourselves on crafting spaces that deeply resonate with our clients' lifestyles and aesthetic preferences. Our client’s home is a testament to this philosophy—a beautifully orchestrated blend of vintage allure and modern functionality, now ready to host a lifetime of memories.