In 2010, Brittany Chinaglia was climbing up the corporate finance ranks, balancing work, motherhood, and renovating her first home. When looking for the perfect rug for her new living room, she ordered several to try out–and was appalled by their low quality. A chance encounter at the Alameda Flea Market brought her face to face with an Antique Persian Tabriz from the 1940’s, and she realized that there was no replacement for the real thing. Thus began Brittany’s obsession with antique textiles and vintage rugs.

In 2015, that love affair reached a fervor pitch when Brittany launched The Vintage Rug Shop, an online shop for vintage textiles and home decor. Quickly, the shop outgrew its humble beginnings, and what started as a night-and-weekends passion project became the design community’s best-kept sourcing secret.

On the three year anniversary of The Vintage Rug Shop, Brittany left the corporate world to pursue a full-time career in design and to spearhead the opening of The Vintage Rug Shop’s first physical storefront in Oakland, California. 

Now, The Vintage Rug Shop is a home furnishings destination known for heirloom-quality goods. We source vintage rugs, handcrafted furniture, and one-of-a-kind textiles from all over the world. Our designs are inspired by the messiness and patina of everyday living, translating into a warm, lived-in feel for your home. 

Brittany’s aesthetic is deeply rooted in the rich Northern California landscapes from her childhood—rolling golden hills, fog-filled redwood forests, and craggy coastlines. Her signature style remains core to the spirit of The Vintage Shop, where you’ll find an inspiring mix of old and new, grounded in natural textures and modern silhouettes. 

We’re on a mission to bring good design to everyday living. Our hope is that it empowers you to create the feeling of home wherever you are.