In the heart of San Francisco stands Jenny Rios' residence, a New England style Colonial that boasts stories of past and present. An expert construction and project manager for building private custom residences (https://www.jennyrios.com/), Jenny is adept at crafting spaces from the ground up. As the remodel was in its final stages, she turned to The Vintage Rug Shop for our expertise in creating interiors that exude comfort, cohesion, and a lived-in charm.


“Where classic charm meets modern living– we styled Jenny’s kitchen to stand as the heart of the home, blending timeless design with the essence of everyday elegance."

Faced with an assortment of mismatched furniture—relics from different homes and life stages—Jenny was drawn to interiors that exuded a curated comfort. The challenge was to transform these pieces into a seamless narrative that resonated with her desire for a livable, layered, and inviting home. A connection made through a mutual friend, our encounter was serendipitous. The weight was lifted off of Jenny’s shoulders and she knew she could rely on us to finish her newly renovated space.

“Form marries function in Jenny’s light-filled dining nook. A neutral palette paired with hand-selected details conspire to create the perfect corner for gathering around casual meals.”

The way Jenny and her family use the space was important. At the final stages of her renovation, Jenny's vision for her abode was clear. Her kitchen transformed into a bright, welcoming space for her family to spend time in. Right off of the kitchen is a built-in banquette with a custom petite oval dining table to not overwhelm the space but create function and enjoyment for coffee or intimate dinners at home. 

Extending past the kitchen and dine-in nook is the living room. Jenny's ingenuity was clear in a beautifully designed built-in cabinet that featured shallow shelving for cherished books and collectibles, complete with a sliding door to discreetly tuck away the television. It was a creative solution that perfectly married form with function. As this space wasn’t large, it had to be welcoming and well-designed in order to maximize comfort. This space opens to the back skyward and side-yard, so traffic flow was also important to consider. 

When it came time to select furnishings for Jenny, we wanted to complement the calm, warm whites of the walls and cabinetry with a soft palette and finishes. A gallery rug (which is essentially a wide runner) for the kitchen would soften the kitchen space and create visual balance in the long kitchen profile. In the dining nook we selected a custom oval dining table with our warm, comfortable Jules dining chairs that have the most beautiful arm swoop and leg detail, as well as a cane back that adds so much visual charm.

In the living room, as we recommend in our pattern pairing guide, we started with a vintage rug. This rug has a warm, neutral palette with a gorgeous subtle all-over design that keeps the space feeling mellow and calm. Brown, ivory, sage, and greige are all colors we pulled from this rug to echo around the space. The Montclair Sofa, developed in-house for Jenny's family, presents a modern take on classic comfort with its bench seat (perfect for cozy movie nights!), elegant nailhead details and turned-wood legs with brass casters.

Parallel to the sofa is our favorite Berkeley Ottoman upholstered in a vintage plaid kilim. We love pairing kilims with Persian rugs, as a flat woven hemp kilim is a nice pairing with a flat woven or short-pile vintage rug. The wood base adds a tailored element to the piece and helps it feel light and airy. In front of the ottoman are two shearling stools, which we love for their visual softness and versatility in use. We like to move them around for easy extra seating! A chair in the corner provides an additional perch to welcome company and strike conversation.

In the dining room, we married Jenny's existing table with our Oren Dining chairs, infusing the space with a casual yet elevated vibe that is perfect for family gatherings. We are obsessed with these dining chairs! They are so comfortable and offer the perfect look for an unfussy, refined space.

Art became a key player in this home's transformation. A commissioned piece by Lana of Art by Lana took pride above the sofa, its subtle tones echoing the room's harmonized palette. Its hues of linen-white and walnut frame with the art’s movement was the perfect piece to create balance and visual harmony in Jenny’s home. In the kitchen, we chose a print by another favorite Texas-based artist Aileen Fitzgerald, a soft sage-y green vertical landscape to fill the back wall and carry forward the sage greens from the living room.
We also carefully chose lighting fixtures to complement the space's palette of warm whites and marble, along with hardware finishes like bronze and unlacquered brass. We chose our Picture Light to elevate the experience of hand-drawn pears framed in wood. On the floating shelves we layered in vintage vessels found at the French brocante. When we style kitchens and other highly-livable spaces, we take cue from our client’s existing everyday vessels and gadgets such as bowls of fruit, soaps and brushes, and everyday spices- then layer in complementary pieces that bring personality, charm, and interest. We like to think of it as background music to the main event.
Collaborating with Jenny—a client who values design expertise and also trusts the process—was a beautiful delight. Her home is now a testament to her love of good design and a sanctuary for her family, each room a page in a story that will continue to be written over the years. At The Vintage Rug Shop, we take pride in not just furnishing spaces but in crafting homes that are happily lived-in. Reflecting the meticulous attention to detail in her own home, we can only imagine the equal measure of care and expertise in every project she undertakes for her own clients.


Stick to a neutral palette for a classic foundation that's both relaxing and versatile.

Use found objects to add unique character and history to your space.

Mix and match materials for a layered look that is visually appealing.

Play with vintage textiles to bring a warm, storied element to your space.

Incorporate bespoke art for a personal touch that resonates with your style.