Design Services

Design Services

We are on a mission to bring good design to everyday living, empowering you to create the feeling of home wherever you are.

How It Works

Discovery Call

Schedule a discovery call with our team to talk more about your project, whether it’s big or small!

Design Planning

Work 1:1 with our in-house design crew led by Brittany where we create a custom proposal just for you, based on your space and needs.

Procurement & Ordering

We take care of the nitty gritty ordering, tracking, and warehousing your new furniture pieces, so that you can relax until the big day is here.

Final Install

The best moment of all—install day! Our team handles all of the logistics and will leave you with a beautifully styled, finished space down to the smallest details.

About Us

Most well known for our expert curation of vintage rugs, The Vintage Rug Shop is a cult favorite furnishings destination for sourcing heirloom-quality goods from all over the world. Founder and owner Brittany Chinaglia’s aesthetic is deeply rooted in the naturally rich Northern California landscapes—rolling golden hills, fog-filled redwood forests, and craggy coastlines. Her signature style remains core to the spirit of The Vintage Shop, where you’ll find an inspiring mix of old and new, grounded in natural textures, vintage charm and modern silhouettes.

Inspired by relaxed California living, our spaces are thoughtfully designed for avid home-lovers and design enthusiasts alike, honoring our beloved vintage mindset and embracing functional beauty, comfort and livability. We are on a mission to bring good design to everyday living, empowering you to create the feeling of home wherever you are.

What differentiates us from traditional interior design firms is our own vast yet carefully selected collection which we leverage to furnish and style your home. Rooted in our seasoned store-front, we have established strong relationships with our core vendors, makers, and local workrooms to provide our clients with a far more streamlined experience than traditional direct-to-consumer shopping. We source everything from vintage rugs, handcrafted furniture, one-of-a-kind pillows and textiles, decor, art, lighting and other finds from around the globe - making our shop a one-stop destination for uniquely curated furnishings that translate into a warm, lived-in look for your home.

Design Services

Our furnishing and styling services are built on the belief that your home should be a reflection of you. A warm and inviting home should be livable and welcoming, and we have just the tools to help our clients achieve just that.

Have an open shelf that could use some love, or not quite sure which size rug is best for your space? Send us your photos and we’ll help you source from our collection and style the perfect pieces to layer in and give your space a stunning refresh!

Need to update an entire room? Whether you are starting with a blank canvas or have existing items you already love, we create a personal proposal to transform your room into a beautifully relaxed sanctuary. We include everything from rugs, furniture, art, lighting, textiles, and the finishing touches, all hand-sourced from the shop by our team just for you.

Everything that’s included in Level II, but tailored to accomodate multiple rooms of your home rather than just one space. We provide a consistent and collected look throughout your home, for a complete transformation you will treasure for years to come.

Ideal for clients starting with an entire blank slate or newly built home, this service offers full design styling of internally sourced furniture, rugs, lighting, art, textiles, and more to create your perfect space. We partner with you every step of the way to ensure your project comes to life even better than you imagined! With no two spaces alike, our skilled design team understands the complexities of a larger project and is ready to help you create the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a project minimum?

Yes, a minimum is set for each individual project. The project minimum is determined by several factors, such as the level of design that you are interested in, what we recommend is needed for the design after visiting the site space, etc. The minimum is included in each proposal that we send after evaluating your space. 

Is there an hourly fee?

No, we do not charge an hourly fee. Our design services are free of charge. In lieu of an hourly fee, our clients agree to a project minimum which is set based upon the needs and level of the design service.

Do I get a discount?

Discounts are not included in design services. In lieu of an hourly fee our design services are completely free of charge. In addition to our complimentary design services, our clients receive savings on shipping charges that are less than direct-to-consumer residential shipping & handling fees, which our retail customers incur while shopping our e-commerce store.

How are you different from a traditional interior design firm?

Unlike a traditional design firm that typically charges an hourly rate (which can accrue, go over budget or get out of hand), our design services are complimentary and each project minimum goes 100% towards the retail-priced furniture for your space. Our team manages the full process of design, procurement, ordering, warehousing and installation from start to finish for our furnishing level design services. At this time our team is focused on furnishings & styling. We do not manage any construction, architectural work or the selection of paint colors, window treatments and other fixtures. 

I live outside of California. Do you offer out-of-state design services?

Yes! When working with clients out of state, we have the same process of going through the discovery call, proposal and final design presentation. While we complete the majority of our design work remotely, the final installation will be managed in person. Any travel costs for final install are budgeted during the proposal process.

What if I already have furniture I want to keep?

We will do our best to incorporate your heirloom piece into the proposal. Our clients hire us to give a completely finished space in The Vintage Rug Shop aesthetic. If for some reason we cannot fit the piece into the design, we will find another spot for it in your home.

What type of style best describes The Vintage Rug Shop designs?

Our design style is rooted in relaxed, California living, including a mixture of old and new - with both vintage character and modern touches. We design for the everyday home, embracing function, comfort and livability while also creating a beautifully collected and lived-in look. By leveraging our vast and highly curated in-house assortment, strong vendor relationships and our own local Bay Area workrooms, we are able to source everything we need from furnishings to decor and all that’s in between for your unique design. 

Feel free to check out our instagram @vintagerugshop to see more past projects, design inspo and what we’re loving! 

How long does a typical project take to complete?

Project completion can vary widely as no two projects are the same. For example, a Level I design service (simple styling) can take anywhere from 1 day to a few weeks. However for higher levels of service, the amount of time it takes can depend on the lead time of the items ordered for your project. A Level IV design (starting with an empty space) may take up to 6 months or longer. All project completion timelines are highlighted within each design proposal.

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