The Artistic Journey:  Kader Boly x The Vintage Rug Shop

The Artistic Journey: Kader Boly x The Vintage Rug Shop

In the bustling atmosphere of the Las Vegas Market in January '18, Brittany stumbled upon a hidden gem of the art world: Kader Boly. Nestled among loose canvases with some simply hanging over handmade A-frame boards, Kader's artwork immediately captivated us with the nuanced brush strokes, muted tones and evocative storytelling inspired by his African roots. His pieces, infused with the essence of nomadic herders and West African landscapes, offered a beautifully unique perspective that we knew had to be a part of our curated art collection.

The initial encounter was not just about discovering another artist; it was about forging a meaningful connection with Kader Boly himself. Known for his genuine passion for his craft, Kader shared his journey from the plains of West Africa, where he first experimented with mud and handmade pigments, to his transformative move to France at the age of 20. His early life experiences, surrounded by goats, horned cattle and other livestock in Africa, shaped his unique perspective and ignited a lifelong commitment to storytelling through art.

Over the years, our friendship has grown into an enduring bond over our mutual love for his style of art. During a memorable live painting event at our storefront in Oakland, viewers witnessed firsthand the magic of Kader's artistic process, as each brushstroke breathed life into the canvas in its own distinct way. Kader has a natural talent for capturing the essence of tribal communities, profound contemplation, and humanity's intrinsic connection to the natural world. This was more than just another in-store event to us– it was a celebration of culture, creativity, and community.

Kader Boly at our Oakland storefront event custom painting a Louis Vuitton Bag.

Our journey continued at the Atlanta home market in 2021, where Kader's name had since spread like wildfire– a testament to his growing acclaim and the unwavering support of his admirers. Seeing his vast expansion within the design world, we were proud to know that we were one of the very first to showcase both Kader's original drawings and artist-enhanced reproductions, connecting countless individuals with his compelling narratives and exquisite craftsmanship.

However, this path wasn't without its challenges. A temporary hiatus in production made Kader's pieces temporarily unavailable, leaving a void that took two long years to fill. Yet, with resilience and determination, we worked meticulously with him and his team to ensure Kader Boly's masterpieces returned in all their authentic glory. The revered "Migration," a profound testament to Kader's nomadic upbringing, stands as a prime example. Originally crafted from native materials and carefully reproduced to preserve its essence, "Migration" now graces homes once again worldwide, each brushstroke bearing the same heartfelt sentiment as the original.

As the original retailer and steadfast advocate of Kader Boly's work, we take immense pride in our enduring partnership. Amidst clamor from retailers worldwide, The Vintage Rug Shop remains Kader's first and most loyal supporter, dedicated to offering his art in its truest form. Our relaunch of his art marks a triumphant return, met with eager anticipation and a waitlist brimming with enthusiasts ready to bring Kader's pieces into their homes once more.

In celebrating this journey with Kader Boly, we invite you to explore our latest collection of re-launched Kader pieces, along with some brand new work of his. Join us in embracing the beauty of Kader Boly's artistry, where each piece tells a tale of heritage, humanity, and the enduring power of creative expression.

One of the 4 live paintings that Kader Boly did in person at our Oakland storefront.