Design Services at The Vintage Rug Shop

Design Services at The Vintage Rug Shop

We've all been there: staring at the middle of your space and sensing that overwhelming urge for a refresh. The feeling really starts to sink in as you begin to realize that you are so over Every. Single. Thing. Faced with endless possibilities in the world of ever-expanding design, it can feel daunting to think about what you would actually want your finished space to look like. If you’re an interiors lover like us, you’re probably overly consuming beautiful interiors content from the dozens of designers you follow, leaving you loving TOO much and paralyzed on where to start. With each room in your home a unique situation, it's all too common to feel paralyzed in decisions when it comes to embarking on your own home design journey. But fear not, my friends. We’ve got you covered with expert design services to put your mind at ease and help walk you through the entire process from the beginning to final install.

Our design approach is rooted in authenticity. Inspired by relaxed California living and the rich landscapes of Northern California, The Vintage Rug Shop is on a mission to bring good design to everyday living. Our goal is to empower you to create a feeling of home wherever you stand, embracing both vintage character and modern ease. We truly believe that design is an ever-evolving conversation between the old and the new. It's about cherishing the patina of age while celebrating the simplicity of timeless aesthetics. It's this harmony of design that we infuse into each and every project. We’re fervently committed to enriching everyday living through design that integrates with your daily routines and enriches your time [well] spent at home.

“We are on a mission to bring good design to everyday living, empowering you to create the feeling of home wherever you are."


  • Discovery Call: Begin your design journey with us. Regardless of your project's size, this initial conversation helps us understand your vision.
  • Design Planning: Experience the personalized touch of our in-house design crew. A custom proposal is tailored for your unique space and requirements.
  • Procurement & Ordering: Leave the complexities of ordering, tracking, and warehousing to us. Sit back and anticipate the transformation of your space.
  • Final Install: The climactic moment when vision becomes reality. Our team manages every detail, presenting you with a meticulously styled sanctuary.
We stand out from other design firms in more ways than one. From vintage rugs to handcrafted furniture, unique textiles, and global finds, we have built an unparalleled range of artisan and insider sourcing relationships all with unbeatable quality. Each project we take on is fueled by a deep-rooted ethos of good design that is as uniquely-you as it is everyday-functional. In a world of mass-produced sameness and fleeting trends, our design perspective stands as a beacon of warmth, character, and enduring beauty.



Need a small refresh? Share your photos, and we'll curate pieces from our collection to elevate your space.


A comprehensive room update awaits! From conception to installation, we manage every detail, leaving you with a turn-key, gorgeously designed room.


Multiple rooms? No worries. We ensure a cohesive and harmonious design across your home.


Starting with a blank canvas or a newly built home? From furniture and textiles to art and lighting, we will work alongside you to breathe life into every room, considering your unique tastes and our signature aesthetic.

Behind the Scenes: Design Installation Edition

Each project we undertake begins in our dedicated design studio, where inspiration melds with expertise. Amid the hundreds of available vintage rugs, furnishings and everything in between, our team crafts bespoke interior concepts tailored to each client's unique space. Our detailed design process ensures that every vintage piece finds its rightful place in a modern setting, harmonizing old-world charm with today's modern luxuries. When our team steps into your home you’ll have peace of mind knowing that this design is curated just for you.



Unlike traditional firms that bill by the hour, our design services are complimentary. Your project budget is channeled 100% towards retail-priced furniture. We oversee the entire process, from design to installation.


Think relaxed California living—a blend of vintage charm and modern sensibility. Check out our Instagram @vintagerugshop for glimpses of past projects and daily design inspirations.


Absolutely! We may design remotely, but rest assured, the final installation is always managed in person.


We aim to integrate cherished pieces into our design. If it doesn’t fit the main space, we'll find a perfect spot elsewhere in your home.


Every project is unique. Simple styling can be swift, but a holistic home transformation might take up to 6 months or more. Clear timelines are always provided based on your inquiry form.


We maintain transparency throughout, ensuring your project aligns with your budget while not compromising on heirloom quality.


Let's collaborate and make your home a true reflection of you. Experience the difference of our design services and transform your home into your own personal haven. Inquire here or send us an email to