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E-Design | Interior Design from a Distance

A clean, cozy, and stylish space is what you’re craving. You have a Pinterest board full of inspiration and you’ve begun the search for key pieces to get this project underway. The problem: it’s taking forever to get it all together, you’re lacking the confidence to pull the trigger and make a purchase, or you’re struggling with the execution. As your aesthetic genie, Brittany will gather every detail you need to bring your dream space to life—whether your budget is modest or substantial.

Brittany's E-Design Process Includes:
+ Initial Design Consultation
+ Virtual Design Board to layout your space
+ Personalized list of décor items & furniture
+ Guidance in making your purchases

Hands-on Design | In-Person Design Services*

A complete redesign is what you’re after, and you’re ready to get started. The problem: everything from choosing vendors to sorting through furniture options feels incredibly overwhelming. Brittany is here to simplify and streamline every step of the process for you; she’ll provide design direction and lead you through important decisions and purchases so that you wind up with a space you love.

Brittany's 10-Step Design Process Includes:
+ Initial Design Consultation
+ Photos & Measurements
+ Design Boards & revisions
+ Coordination of ordering furniture & fixtures
+ 360 degree support – from hiring vendors to shopping for final products
+ Final install staged & styled to perfection

*Currently scheduling Spring-Summer 2018, we service clients both near and far!

Curated Content | Styling & Sharing Your Products

You’re interested in collaboration. A beautiful brand like yours would love the kind of exposure that opens people up to what’s possible with your products. Brittany would love to discuss working with you. Please send inquiries by email below:

Branding Jane Reaction
Site Design Saturday Studio
Development Alchemy + Aim