Contemplate - Kader Boly

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Kader Boly

Inspired by life as a nomadic herder in West Africa, Kader Boly’s work consistently tells stories of tribal community, ardent contemplation, and humanity’s relationship to the natural world.

Originally painted using natural materials such as mud and other handmade pigments, this printed canvas features artisan brush strokes applied by hand atop the printed base for a genuine look and feel of the original work. These painted enhancements follow the brush strokes of the authentic design for added dimension and texture that provide the same sentiment Kader intended for the piece to hold. Initially crafted from native materials in the plains of West Africa, this reproduced Kader Boly masterpiece can now be shared with the world for individuals to cherish in their own homes time and time again.


Kader Boly is a fine artist born and raised in the plains of West Africa to a family of nomadic herders. Kader’s experience as a young boy in Africa surrounded by goats, chickens, and sheep has shaped his unique artistic perspective.

Kader began drawing and painting at 12 years old using mud and dirt from his surroundings. He soon learned to paint with techniques through the traditional methods of making mud cloth textiles. At a young age, Kader had an aptitude for connecting with tourists, selling his art, and telling his story through his unique expression.

Kader purchased his first plane ticket to France when he was 20 years old, leaving behind all that was familiar to him. Little did he know the years growing up on the quiet plains of West Africa would make such an impression of his life, or that sharing it with the rest of the world would become his greatest passion.

Kader has a unique way of storytelling within his work, and his use of natural materials in creating each piece add an extra layer to how special each piece is.


Colors: Black, Charcoal, Ivory

Dimensions: 34" x 64"

Details: Framed canvas with artist enhanced strokes & markings


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