Dimensions: 1'6" x 2'8"

Colors: faded blush, ivory, beige, sage, faded aqua

Pile: Low Pile/Shaved

Material: 100% Wool

Origin: Vintage Turkish Oushak Prayer Rug

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Woven in Western Turkey since the beginning of the Ottoman period, Oushak rugs are the great masterpieces of early Turkish carpet weaving. A resurgence of production began in the 20th century with a focus on room-sized rugs. Oushak rugs are notable for the monumental scale of the designs and soft, pale color palettes. The colors most often found are golden saffron and apricot tones, and are constructed from incredibly soft wool. The designs on Oushak rugs are often angular and primitive, and paired with the soft palettes are unique and attractive to the modern day design enthusiast. Oushak rugs have a lower knot count than Persian rugs and are made using less complicated methods, however their designs and palettes are extremely sought after by design enthusiasts.

We love the mini “prayer” Oushak rugs for their versatility – there’s always a spot in your home for one of these! We love placing these in front of the kitchen sink or in a bathroom.


This rug has been professionally cleaned

Cleaning: Vacuum on occasion, with hardwood floor setting. Spot clean with mild detergent and water, never use a carpet cleaner machine to clean a vintage rug. If your rug needs a thorough clean, take it to a professional.

Storing: Always roll rugs when stored. Vacuum on occasion, with suction only no bristles!

Living: Rug pad recommended check out our favorite rug pads here!


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