MAHALA (6 x 7)


Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 6'0" X 7'1"
  • Colors: Beige, Blue, Peach
  • Pile: Low pile / shaved
  • Material: 100% Naturally Dyed Wool
  • Origins: Antique Persian Khorassan rug

About This Rug

The region of Khorassan is located in north eastern Iran (Persia), and is most known for fine antique rugs dating back to the middle ages. Rugs produced in Khorassan are mostly high-quality room-sized rugs, made with softer palettes, center medallions, and all-over designs. Khorassan rugs maintain a high standard of construction techniques, making them extremely durable despite their soft wool. Khorassan rugs are very soft to the touch, almost like a fine wool sweater! Their designs are timeless and are a true compliment to any style of home. 


This rug has been professionally cleaned

Cleaning: Vacuum on occasion, with hardwood floor setting. Spot clean with mild detergent and water, never use a carpet cleaner machine to clean a vintage rug. If your rug needs a thorough clean, take it to a professional.

Storing: Always roll rugs when stored. Vacuum on occasion, with suction only (no bristles!)

Living: Rug pad recommended

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