Spring 2023 Lookbook

Spring 2023 Lookbook

A time of of renewal, rejuvenation, and revitalization, the Spring season welcomes fresh changes and new beginnings all around. Transition your home from the chilly months of winter to brighter days ahead by infusing fresh accents, curious textures and organic, earthen elements that evoke gentle relaxation. Clear out old energy and create space for your own personal retreat to revel in. Whether it’s a new cozy reading nook bathed in natural light, a vessel of freshly picked botanicals or a light and airy bedding upgrade, these small moments bring an impactful, positive influence to your daily routine. Embrace the changing season and explore our latest collection of new arrivals to inspire your next home refresh.


With the days getting longer, we welcome al fresco dinner parties, lunch-time picnics and sun-drenched days made for lounging. Be a guest at your own party with effortless appetizers and batched cocktails so you can spend more time relaxing with friends and family. One of our never-fail party tricks is a beautiful butter board that is sure to please everyone in the room!

Now how we went most of our lives without butter boards in our hosting back pocket is shocking. There’s a reason this appetizer went viral and has become a swift go-to! The process of building the board is pretty straight forward, it’s a balance of hues, textures, colors, and of course, flavors. Not much different than decorating! A little bit of sweet, a little bit of crunch, and a hint of heat makes this crowd-pleasing formula. Bring this board to a party and you’ll make the fastest friends. Even better, serve it as a hostess gift with our Loire Serving Board! The key is to not overload the board with ingredients, but allow enough of each sprinkled throughout to offer a whole flavor experience for your guests. When building the base the best tip is to go largest to smallest in terms of ingredients (butter, fruit, nuts, honeycomb, honey, chili, salt, flower petals).


Your favorite artisan butter (we used Kerrygold), room temperature


Pistachios, chopped



Chili oil (we love Momofuko chili crunch oil)

Edible flowers

Flaky salt (Maldon)

Products used:

Marble spreaders

Dome dish

Loire serving board

Honey dipper

Step 1 - spread the butter throughout the center of your board, using the bottom of a spoon or our marble spreaders

Step 2 - place the stone fruit - in a random fashion, place your slices of fruit atop the butter

Step 3 - sprinkle chopped pistachios

Step 4 - hand pull pieces of honeycomb and place around the board

Step 5 - using a honey dipper, drizzle a bit of honey atop butter

Step 6 - drizzle the chili around the board in small dollops

Step 7 - mimicking your best salt bae, sprinkle salt across the top of the board

Step 8 - hand tear petals off of the edible flowers and flutter them across the board as the final flair. Enjoy with warm, fluffy bread and lingering conversations!


The foundation to a well-worn home is grounded in a timeless, heirloom quality vintage rug. Effortlessly transform your space with a new base-layer of lighter hues, fresh-feeling patterns and rich character that renews up your home for the season and beyond. A nod to the organic palette that springtime brings, our top rug picks boast earthen hues of pebble, sand, vetiver, rust, hints of aqua and other subtle pops of contrast. Whether your design aesthetic leans more traditional or on the edge of modern, our newest collection of spring rugs do a beautiful job of creating visual continuity and harmonizing your room with ease. Anchor your furniture while creating a cohesive and warmly inviting environment that feels both grounded and comfortable.

Explore our favorites below!


There’s no better way to set the tone for spring than by incorporating fresh elements like plants, florals, woven & mixed materials, organic linen fiber and the use of natural sunlight along with ambient interior lighting. Evoke a sense of lively warmth in your space with the use of texture and visual interest that give your home that effortlessly lived-in look. With everything from solid neutral tones of creamy ivory, fawn and pebble to block-print patterns that beautifully layer up, swap out your throws and pillows for a refreshing update that brings the spring season indoors. Mix and match decorative elements of varying materials atop your coffee table or shelving to strike the perfect balance of visual harmony. One of our favorite styling moments is to curate a layered art vignette on a shallow, mounted shelf (like our Kali Rattan Shelf) or leaned against the backsplash of your kitchen. We love incorporating pieces that capture the hues and energy of spring for a seasonal refresh. With the use of layering, your home will be transformed into a cozy, inviting sanctuary that feels fresh while remaining timelessly elegant.


Transforming your bedroom into a relaxing retreat is all about designing with balance and harmony. As the months begin to warm up, swap out your winter bedding for fresh linens, new pillow covers, light yet cozy blankets and extra throws for a layered moment. When dreaming up your perfect bedroom, consider the details like extra storage for your nightly routine items or the placement of bedside lighting to allow for easy reading before turning in. We love to style a cozy chair or chaise to create a lounge-worthy nook that also helps break up the space. Don’t be afraid of mixing patterns, textiles, or a fresh palette of hues- whether your style leans more classic or transitional, we have just the right pieces to make your bedroom feel like your own personal haven made for rejuvenating.