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  • Mother’s Day is here: How to treat the woman who lights up your life

    Do you know what your love language is? I jokingly said that my love language is spreadsheets. Ha! And yes, my jokes are very dorky. 

    But it might surprise folks to learn that while I’m all about expressing love in verbal ways or through acts of service, gift giving is probably the lowest on the list – I’m just not very good at it! My husband on the other hand, he nails the perfect gift EVERY time!

    Reflecting on this now, it’s probably why I’ve always loved well-curated gift sets. I find it overwhelming to pick just one thing. I need a collection of items to hit all of the multi-dimensional elements of the people in my life and say I see and love all parts of you. 

    Find the perfect something for the mother figure in your life

    Over on the Vintage Rug Shop, I’ve created three different gift sets for the hard-to-buy-for woman who lights up your life. Each one was hand-selected with intention and love, bundling beloved products from the shop that are as functional as they are beautiful. Most of the items were formerly exclusive to the store and this is the first time we’re making them available to our online audience! 

    For the mama, sister, auntie, grandma, friend–I hope they help you celebrate the mother figure in your life, whether you’re doing it from afar or in close quarantine quarters. Shop our 3 gift sets below!

    1. The Lifestyle Essentials Gift Set

    For the woman who is all about the #Shelfie

    Glass beads, a modern jute pillow, a mirror that hits all of the right angles, and our Maui Escapist candle, topped off by our bestselling Pom Pom blanket. Without fail, these five items were always first to catch someone’s eye in the shop. They’re some of my all-time favorites for good reason! These heavy-hitters are the perfect mix for the interior enthusiast in your life who is feeling the call to jzhuzh up their space.

    Shop the Lifestyle Essentials Gift Set


    2. The Unwind Essentials Gift Set

    For the woman who has everything–except time to herself

    The Unwind Essentials Gift Set includes all of our self-care favorites–our Santa Fe candle, our brass container, and our ceramic matchstick holder. We’ve also included our favorite vessel to hold all of those sacred items. Treat that special someone in your life who could use an afternoon of R&R or an added moment of ritual in their morning. We’re all about embracing the lost art of slowing down these days. 

    Shop the Unwind Essentials Gift Set


    3. The Alchemy Essentials Gift Set

    For the woman who has been researching making a sourdough starter during quarantine

    The cookbooks that once served only as shelf decor are now getting daily use. Our Alchemy Essentials set is for both the seasoned cook who can whip up a four course meal in her sleep and for the newbie chef who is discovering the joy of making her own bread for the very first time. Two vintage cutting boards, our beloved pepper grinder, the marble mortar and pestle we can’t live without, and our new favorite cookbook for dining in. All five of these hardworking beauties are the perfect gift for your chef extraordinaire.

    Shop the Alchemy Essentials Gift Set


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