• Our Storefront is Officially OPEN!

    We did it! We successfully opened the doors to our first ever brick n’ mortar storefront! I ran around the shop 30 minutes prior to opening and snapped a few photos. After about a week of styling, staging, tagging, fluffing, perfecting.. I needed to capture the shop before product started moving off of the shelves.

    I did my best to showcase everything! Some items just fell into place, like the rug under the dining table. At first I wasn’t sure I had one the right size and color story, but once I laid it out this entire main floor came to life! And wouldn’t you believe, the very first thing I sold was the dining table!

    Antique Italian farmhouse table from Tuscany. I’ll miss it but I know it’s going to a good home!

    I layered the shelves with all of my most favorite things! My favorite candle scents, my favorite vessels and books and textiles. If you put a gun to my head and asked me to pick my favorite item in the shop, I honestly couldn’t pick one single thing. I have been collecting and curating 80% of the items in the shop for years, and literally every item is my favorite.

    From vintage brass canisters from India to French hand painted art, literally every item is a piece of myself, and It makes me feel connected to anyone who comes in and takes something home!

    I finally found a spot to hang all our beads!! And not to fear, a couple new styles will be hitting the website soon!

    And you guys, the kitchenette that kitchen dreams are made of is here in all her glory! I know these questions are coming, so here’s the info for you:

    I basically designed my dream bedroom in the shop, one with lots of layers and textures, linens & throws. I never met a tassel I didn’t like!

    And behold, the infamous 19′ brass rug wall! The brass rug wall at Shoppe by Amber Interiors is what showed me something like this is even possible! Being inspired by something is worth mentioning here, inspiration is all about learning the possibilities in things, and how you make it your own, or even how you can make it better. I am a rug shop first & foremost, so an epic rug wall display was what our shop needed. Anna of Bananas & Hammocks and I designed this together with the plan to be able to display full-width room sized rugs on the center bars, and smaller scatter rugs & runners on the outer bars. You have to come visit the shop to experience the full scale of this beauty!

    Throughout the shop I hung new and vintage art, with these framed antique Turkish prayer rugs being one of my favorite new elements! I hand picked each rug and had them framed in a shadow-box style wood frame with linen background. Each one is one-of-a-kind and just beyond beautiful. I will be listing these on our website soon!

    And omg, the tree clippings from my back yard really helped set the organic mood in here!

    All in all, I am so pleased with how everything turned out. Bringing this shop to life was not at all easy, and quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. Like ever! But I poured every ounce of passion and energy into it, and with the help of family, friends, and everyone who makes up the team behind the scenes, we made this dream a reality! Now, please come visit us! ;)

    You can now find our location & store hours on our Visit Us page! I hope you’ll visit soon!

    1. I have been following along on your blog before I even knew what a blog was (I’m old lol) and it is incredible to see your dreams coming true. The shop is just stunning. Every inch of it. Congratulations.

    2. Stunning!!!! And a BIG congratulations!!! Huge accomplishment! Wish you the best! Love all of your things! Will your in-store items be available on-line as well?

    3. I can’t wait to visit the next time I’m in town! Stunning. Would you mind sharing what wood floor you installed from Build Direct?

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