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  • SAVED! A Peek into my Instagram Bookmarks – vol. IV

    This is the latest installment in a series I’m calling “Instagram Bookmarks.” Every other week I’ll share some of the images I saved on Instagram that stopped me on my tracks: beautiful, curated and inspiring. (Follow me on Instagram at @brittanymakes or @vintagerugshop.)

    Here are a handful of images I’ve been inspired by for the past few weeks:


    Simple Storefront!

    Follow: @gonzalezygonzalezstore

    After my big announcement today, this feature seems fitting! I love the vibe of this simple, yet design forward storefront. Considering our shop is in a historical district, there are strict rules around modifying our shop’s storefront, which in our case means we can’t even paint it! I love that it is already black, and am considering a similar signage design.


    Pop of white!

    Follow: @etthemstockholm

    I mentioned in a previous post[link] that I think we are finally shying away from all white kitchens. However, I’m now noticing that we are moving towards white being the pop of color in other places: accessories, furniture, pillows, etc. Loving the contrast of that white pillow on top of the leather accent chair, it pops against the muted earthy tones throughout this space. 


    Bold wallpaper

    Follow: @discinteriors

    Wallpaper back in the 80’s was a totally different game. We have been seeing this trend come back with full force in the past few years and I love it. Remember my master suite?


    XXL kitchen islands

    Follow: @amberinteriors

    Perfect for entertaining! A 5+ seater kitchen island is one of my dreams! I’d do anything to have an island this big in my home!


    Sculptural lighting

    Follow:  @laura_nelson_design

    A great way to add a show stopping, unexpected element to a space.


    Architectural Detail

    Follow: @tinkehome

    From kitchen cabinet dividers to stair railings and casement windows. Straight lines, stripes and grid patterns are becoming a designer’s secret weapon to retain charm and character when modernizing a space.


    Have a great Mother’s Day weekend everyone!

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