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  • Brittany’s Picks for Mother’s Day Gifts

    Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Any long time reader probably knows I’m that ‘last minute’ kind of shopper. Being a mother of two young children, the gifts I cherish the most are time, sleep and alone time to recharge my batteries. I call these things “gifts” because at this stage in life they are few and far between!  I’m pretty sure other moms out there can relate!  This Mother’s Day, even though I would looove to sleep in, or hit up the flea market, or even get a massage, I also want to spend every minute with my kids! And because of this, I’m ruling out the gifts of time/sleep/recharge and pulled together basically all the materialistic things on my wish-list right now.

    Let’s take a gander shall we?

    1. I’m very much into hats right now, and now that summer is upon us straw hats are what we’re wearing. I LOVE the ribbon detail on this one!
    2. The best pair of sunglasses (that even Meghan Markle wears!)
    3. If you’re the bathtub type, try this detox bath soak as a great way of relaxing after a long day! By all means, it’s Gwyneth approved. 
    4. The hair clip of my DREAMS!
    5. High on my beauty list is getting a Jade roller for my morning beauty routine. Anything to help with lack of sleep face puffiness and overall complexion, right?!
    6. Another mommy T-shirt must have from my favorite denim brand, Mother!
    7. My next pair of flats are Freda’s new Dawn woven loafer. Actually if I could choose only one gift for Mother’s Day it would be these shoes!
    8. I’m pretty sure we’re over the circle bag trend, or catching the tail end of it? If this bag could talk this one would say ‘I see you, circle bag lovers, but it is I who knows how to be more functional!”
    9. Shea shared the most beautiful dresser vignette this week and that stone & brass bowl is to die for!
    10. Basically anything from The Great and this limited edition sweatshirt is perfect for Mother’s Day!


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