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  • SAVED! A Peek into my Instagram Bookmarks – vol. III

    Instagram Bookmarks

    This is the latest installment in a series I’m calling “Instagram Bookmarks.” Every other week I’ll share some of the images I saved on Instagram that stopped me on my tracks: beautiful, curated and inspiring. (Follow me on Instagram at @brittanymakes or @vintagerugshop.)


    Here are a handful of my favorite posts this week:

    Brass Lighting

    Follow: @rollandhill

    After attending High PointMarket last week, I probably spent 4+ hours in lighting showrooms. One thing’s for sure – lighting is the best jewelry for a home! Lighting in an unexpected material, color, or shape can be so pretty in the right room! Although brass lighting is nothing new, playing with shapes, sizes and materials is something we are going to see more this year.


    Arched Doorways

    Follow: @maidenhome

    In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, arches are everywhere right now. Perhaps the most popular, and surprisingly low cost methods, of incorporating arches in a home is on doorways.  An arched doorway is a sure way to add character to your home. Are arches trendy? Sure, but they’re timeless all at the same time. 


    Traditional storage

    Follow: @tessaneustadt for @amberinteriors

    Mark my words: Hutches are making a comeback! Somehow they feel more fresh than ever, and the older the better I say!  Hutches are perfect for storing everyday not-so-pretty things, and one with an interesting shape instantly adds more character to a more modern, streamlined room.


    Pretty workspaces

    Follow: @creekwoodhill

    These vibes are 100% up my alley! Many of the elements remind me of my home office! Pretty convinced I should build out my gallery wall. What do you think?



    Follow: @amberinteriors

    Matching sofa sets are generally a designer no-no, but done right with lots of layers and textures, the intentional symmetry can make a room so cozy and calm! 

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