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  • Finding the Motivation to Pare Down

    Photo by Madison Holmlund of my old kitchen for Glitter Guide

    I know I’m a little late to this whole Marie Kondo “only keep things that bring you joy” situation, but boy do I need to do some serious paring down around my house! (I’m looking at you, closet!!) I’m using the momentum of Spring to do some serious cleaning, but first I needed to find some motivation to tackle this massive task with as much energy as possible!

    As an adult with very little “extra” time on my hands, I’ve learned it’s best to tackle a purge session with a plan in place. I don’t exactly have a plan set yet, so I’ve been relying on some of my favorite professional minimalists & origination experts to harness some motivation:


    Carly Waters

    Carly Waters is one of my good friends who has mastered the art of everyday minimalist living. After just one visit to her Pacific Palisades home I was tossing junk out of my kitchen left and right. Carly often shares on her IG Stories images of her fridge and drawer contents, which I secretly LOVE.


    Shira Gill

    Shira Gill’s closets are what dreams are made of! I vow to be this organized once our master suite is finished. Two inches of space between each garment is a DREAM. 


    The Faux Martha

    Melissa Coleman of The Faux Martha is a superwoman.  Melissa is the expert at the organized pantry, and her kitchen even brings ME joy. I’ve been following along Melissa’s “Minimalist Kitchen Course” series from her blog. It’s the perfect starting point to achieve an organized pantry, and skills to use elsewhere in your home. Also check out her book, The Minimalist Kitchen.


    The Home Edit

    The Home Edit does incredible organization work with high profile customers, and I love their creative approach to tackling home organizing. And guess what, their book just came out (literally a couple days ago!) and it includes a lot of solutions to common problems. The book also comes with labels to use for your own organizational needs. 

    OK, it’s official folks, I’m super motivated to get rid of all the excess stuff in my home! Where do you recommend I start first? My closet, or the kitchen, or worse – the GARAGE? Yikes!

    1. I started in the garage knowing it would be th easiest for me, then the kitchen and left my closet until last. Two years in and I’m still going as letting go takes practice and you get better at it as time goes on. You spend less money too because you stop buying stuff. Good luck!

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