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  • SAVED! A Peek into my Instagram Bookmarks – vol. II

    This is the latest installment in a series I’m calling “Instagram Bookmarks.” Every other week I’ll share some of the images I saved on Instagram that stopped me on my tracks: beautiful, curated and inspiring. (Follow me on Instagram at @brittanymakes or @vintagerugshop.)


    Here are a few of my favorite images this week:


    Follow @mooncanyon

    I’m not sure if it’s because Spring is imminent but I’m really inspired by all things floral, especially these blush textural tulips. So dreamy!


    Earthy reds

    Follow @lamaisonpierrefrey

    Warm colors, especially these rich red tones, can make a space feel instantly cozy and energetic. With all this rain we’re having in California it is the perfect antidote to this long winter season! Do yourself a favor and follow @lamaisonpierrefrey, you will get lost in a sea of exquisite colors & pattern play.  Thank me later!



    Follow @Lostineathome

    Clever use of space is really inspiring me to tackle some of that dreaded Spring cleaning. I love how Lostine uses wall space to display kitchenware, a great alternative for storage but also adding visual interest in a utilitarian and artistic way. (By the way: they sell all those products! I want those S hooks…)


    Layered bedding

    Follow @skaynedesigns

    Layering unique textiles on a bed is one of my favorite way to bring more interest and personality to your room. My favorite “bedscape” formula: basic white bedding (sheets, duvet, shams etc) + interesting or bold textiles layered on top. I especially love Sharlene use of a colorful moroccan shag rug as a unique textile on top of her simple white bed. Sharlene expertly bounced pinks, reds, and browns around the room through the textiles, wood, and art! I’m so impressed. 


    Warm wood

    Follow @jamb_london 

    Back to back “Instagram Bookmarks” posts proving to myself warm wood tones are a personal favorite. The combination of the chest of drawers and the styling is perfection!

    Are you liking this series?? Because I am! Sharing what inspires me in a new creative way is giving me my mojo back. I’m definitely looking forward to more “Instagram Bookmark” posts in the future. Hope you have a great weekend!

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