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  • Master Bath Design (part 2!)

    The designer’s dilemma is real you guys! Designing for yourself is WAY more difficult than designing for others! Ugh!

    I wavered back and forth between two Cle Zellige tiles: Battled Armor or Weathered White. Both tiles are so beautiful! Zellige tile is a handmade Moroccan tile, it’s perfectly imperfect, and I’m dying to use it in my own home. While neither tile would be a bad choice, it’s a very permanent decision and one I haven’t taken lightly.

    To refresh your memory, here is the mood board I shared for the design direction of our master bathroom:

    Master Suite Bath inspiration

    To further refresh your memory, during the renovation of the master suite, we decided to carve out a larger bathroom footprint and never looked back! Read Part 1 here.

    The finished bathroom exterior is so clean now!

    Vaulted ceiling, white shiplap ceiling paneling, master suite renovation

    Circling back to the tile decision of the century, I really wanted to incorporate a particular shade of navy blue tile, but basically I couldn’t find the precise color I wanted, and felt that Battled Armor was settling on a tile I wasn’t in love with. Although beautiful, I was certain I wouldn’t be happy if I used it. Battled Armor reads more black than navy irl, and doesn’t have enough color variation between each tile. I needed some advice, so I polled my Instagram family and it was a 50/50 split between the blue and white tile, which didn’t help at all (thank you very much!).

    So how did I finally decide on a tile? Well, I put the materials in a sketch-up rendering and the winning material became super clear to me. The Weathered White tile allowed me to highlight multiple materials and textures in a consistent color way. It also allowed me to highlight special details like the unlacquered brass faucet and shower head. Hubba hubba!

    INCREDIBLE, right?!! It feels good to finally have all the materials figured out, even if I did choose the “safer” path!

    calacutta penny tile | calacutta herringbone tile | brass exposed shower fixture | white tile | pendant lights | Arched Mirrors
    1. Brittany!!! This all looks amazing, this is going to be a gorgeous and relaxing retreat once complete. You have outdone yourself.

    2. It is so hard to make these decisions when it is so permanent. I just finished choosing the tile for our master bath, and it is pretty safe. Classic and neutral just suits me and I know I won’t be tired of it years down the road.

    3. Your design is going to look awesome!
      Can I offer some advice? Please make sure your tile installer is careful with the seams between the mosaic sheets with the penny tile. It can look like a zipper if it’s not installed properly.

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