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  • SAVED! A Peek into my Instagram Bookmarks

    My Favorite Posts On Instagram

    This is the first installment in a new series I’m calling “Instagram Bookmarks.” Every other week I’ll share some of the images I saved on Instagram that stopped me on my tracks: beautiful, curated and inspiring. (follow me on Instagram at @brittanymakes or @vintagerugshop)

    I can’t be the only one that saves tons and tons of photos on Instagram that have “sparked joy”, right? Recently I have been noticing some patterns in the things that I save – maybe if I’m thinking of my bathroom reno or a new dining table, I’ll save more of those. They are definitely a great source of inspiration and I go back to them on a regular basis to see what I’m loving.

    I think I’m going to start doing regular installments of these “Instagram Bookmarks” posts so that we can all find inspiration, maybe new accounts to follow, discover trends, etc. What do you think?

    Here are a handful of my favorite bookmarked posts this week:

    The perfect green!
    Jean Stoffer Green Kitchen

    Follow: Jean Stoffer Design

    While my heart is still with navy, certain shades of green are definitely stealing my attention. I never thought I was a ‘green’ person but clearly  I’m being drawn to it more and more! My Instagram bookmarks is proof.  Green has taken the spotlight recently, and I am 100% certain 2019 we will see it in full force (I have a few post ideas on how to incorporate color into your home decor… coming soon!) and I love it. I am drawn to more muted, earthy greens dominating my feed.

    This kitchen is just oh. so. dreamy! I’ve been crushing hard on Jean Stoffer since she opened her shop late last year (I mean, who hasn’t!) and this kitchen has me all smitten for green!

    Hand thrown stoneware
    Tamara B Pottery Instagram

    Follow: TamaraBPottery 

    I fully believe we are taking inventory of the things we buy in our homes, and making choices to invest in better quality, artisanal goods. We have reached our limits of mass produced cheap crap from oversees and are returning to organic shapes and hand-made, heirloom quality items for our homes. I couldn’t support this more! I’ve been drawn to Instagram feeds who share more and more of their personal relationship with their handiwork, ceramicists included! Those shelves and those pots make me want to master the art of pottery making! And also, not sure you noticed, that muddy green tone is perfection!

    Vintage Art
    JDP Interiors interior designer

    Follow: JDP Interiors

    I guess this is not a trend per se, but I’m loving seeing vintage and vintage-inspired art starting to take up more space on walls and shelving in homes. Portraits and landscapes are a lot of what we are seeing since they’re more readily accessible at flea markets, but I’ve noticed still life paintings are moving into the spotlight, mixing things up a bit and I’m into it!

    Wood Tones
    Brian Paquette dining table

    Follow: Brian Paquette

    If you’ve been following for a while, you know I’m no stranger to wood tones. It’s in my home and in my heart. This recent project reveal by Brian Paquette (and featured on Amber Lewis’ All Sorts Of) stopped me in my tracks. It’s the perfect combination of traditional and contemporary with a hint of California. And also a little Pacific Northwest elegance which I’ve seriously been appreciating lately.  

    Casually-styled yet collected #shelfie
    JDP Interiors styled shelving

    Follow: JDP Interiors

    I think we are moving away from perfectly styled shelves to something much more casual and reflective of personal style. I love how these shelves are functional but also mix and match some personal elements in there!

    So what do you think? Would you like to see more peeks into my Instagram bookmarks??

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