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  • BBG Update: 12 Weeks!

    It already feels like ages ago I shared my 2019 goals for the year. We are more than 2 months into the new year and it’s time I report on my most challenging goal!

    The most significant personal goal I set this year is to complete 52 weeks of BBG.You guys! I just completed week 12! Week 12 of BBG is a big milestone. It proves dedication and accomplishment. The best part? My head is in the right place. I have a positive mindset that I can do this, and even better, that I want to!

    For those who are asking ‘what the heck is BBG?’, BBG (Bikini Body Guide) is an exercise program developed by Kayla Itsines which is offered on the SWEAT app. It is a workout program for women and consists of 3 x 28 minute workouts: arms, legs, & abs.

    So here’s my honest opinion about BBG: it’s hard, it’s challenging, and it’s awesome.

    I used to be an avid runner before I had kids. I would run a few half-marathons each year. Going for a 7 mile run on a Wednesday was no thing. Since I’ve had kids, getting back into running has been both mentally and physically challenging. I was getting injured easily, and I couldn’t stick with running long enough to regain my endurance. I felt defeated and discouraged. I was eager to rediscover my physical strength again and to feel positive about my body again. After observing so many BBG transformations shared on Instagram, I decided to give BBG a try.

    My personal tips on BBG:
    • Don’t rush through the moves! Focus on form. Your speed through the workouts will improve naturally
    • It never gets boring! Every week the workouts are a little different and challenge you in good ways. I read recently Kayla has like 82 weeks of BBG on the app!
    • I not a diet person, and instead focus on healthy lifestyle eating habits. I still eat cheese (my favorite food group!) but make smart eating choices overall. My perspective has always been to have a healthy lifestyle, which is much more manageable for the long run than any diet where I’m counting my macros and such. Honestly getting that obsessed with my food intake sounds like the WORST THING EVER and it’s bound to make me an unhappy person. I’m much happier living a healthy lifestyle and balancing life with exercise. Point being, I haven’t made any significant changes to my diet these last 12 weeks apart from making smart choices.
    What Improvements/Changes have I seen in 12 weeks?

    I am stronger! My core is stronger and tighter, I can do 15 regular pushups in a row! I could barely do 1 on my first BBG workout. My legs and butt and tummy are smaller. Not dramatically, but you can definitely tell in a photo comparison! Maybe I’ll get more comfortable sharing my body with you as I get further into the program, I’ve never had the confidence to do that before so it will take some coaxing, and maybe more muscle definition to show off, ha!


    Here’s the gear I highly recommend!
    BBG workout essentials

    • BENCH – I don’t use a bench (yet) I use my kid’s play chair, ha! Mosts of the workouts use a bench, and this foldable one is in my shopping cart. I prefer to put away my workout gear after each workout, and something foldable fits the bill
    • WEIGHTS – I love this weight set! I started BBG using 5lb weights, and now use 8lb weights, and it’s nice to have the option to grow into the 10lbs
    • SHOES – Cross training shoes are a MUST for stability and agility workouts. Running shoes are definitely not recommended as they don’t provide the side to side balance needed for these kind of workouts. I love the New Balance 711 shoe! I had an older pair for 4 years and just ordered myself a new pair as a milestone gift to myself!
    • YOGA MAT – Invest in a good yoga mat! The yoga mats from Gathre are hands down the highest quality mat I’ve ever used. I have the dots pattern, and just ordered my husband the stripe! Bonus, it’s on sale!
    • WATCH – I LOVE my Apple Watch, I’m sure you see me wear it a lot. I’ve become so dependent on it and irrationally think my workouts don’t count unless I’m wearing it
    • APPAREL – I H.A.T.E. feeling constricted when exercising and rarely opt for pants when exercising indoors. Compression shorts and a full coverage sports bra are my go-to’s! My personal fave are these shorts with side pockets to store my phone post workout. I love this sports bra so much I got it in two colors. (my favorite bras above: lilac bra, white bra, terra-cotta bra)
    • FITNESS ROLLER – I end every workout day using a vibrating foam roller. If you haven’t tried a vibrating foam roller you haven’t lived! My husband gifted it to me for Christmas a year ago, and it’s the best gift he’s ever given me, no joke! Pro athletes use foam rollers to recover their muscles after intensive training or performance. A year or so ago there weren’t as many options to choose from, I have the Hyperice Vyper 1.0, but now there are more budget friendly options available (this one has the most reviews).  I get a lot of sciatic pain on my right side and muscle soreness on my T band after running or exercising.  I work those two areas with the vibrating foam roller and feel amazing the next day. Soreness is reduced, muscles are relaxed and ready for the next day’s workout.

    So tell me! Who’s tried BBG? Did you love it? Hate it? How far did you get? What was the hardest for you? Legs are the hardest for me, but it’s where I’m also seeing the most physical improvement!

    PS, I’m a little too conservative to show my body progress here, maybe if I get a 6-pack I’ll do it haha.


    1. Holla! I am on Week 9 of my second round through BBG! I love it! It certainly is very challenging!

      Upper body is hardest for me, all my strength is in my lower body. But! I will prevail…eventually lol.

      On a side note if you like BBG and eventually want to switch things up try BBM (Body Boss Method). I actually did this program first before I discovered BBG. They are very similar in layout but have some different exercises. With these 2 programs I feel like I am set for a very long time. I like how you can modify them to make them harder (added weights/weighted vest) or easier.

      Keep up the awesome work!

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