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  • Happy New Year! + My 2019 Goals

    Happy New Year folks! I finalized my resolutions and goals for the new year and I’m excited to put them out there into the universe. Last year I was afraid to announce my goals to the public because “quitting my job” was my most significant goal (ever!) and I definitely didn’t want it to make its way back to the company I worked for. But this year? This year I can share my goals because I am FREE!

    In years past I’ve made smaller personal resolutions. Two years ago I resolved to ‘wear mascara everyday’. It was actually a big change for me! I would put makeup on but just be too lazy to finish it off with mascara. Come to find out now that mascara is part of my daily makeup routine, I feel so much more confident! Last year I resolved to ‘wear lipstick everyday’. This one also seems silly, but again, lipstick was just not something I felt comfortable wearing. But now? Through the process I discovered 3 favorite lipsticks that I rotate on the daily that I love. I have identified the everyday lipstick color that I feel most comfortable wearing, not to mention my lips are less dry and stay hydrated!

    For this year, I’ve categorized my resolutions and goals into three categories: personal, business, & home. Let’s get to it!

    Personal Goals

    In 2019 I want to make a significant effort to spend more time with my mom and dad. Some of you may already know, both my parents are battling cancer. It’s not that I don’t spend time with them, I definitely do. It’s important to me that I shift my mindset to make sure my every day priorities include spending time with them.

    Everyone sets a health and fitness goal for the new year, mine is to do 52 weeks of BBG! I just finished week 4 of BBG and while it is challenging, it’s also a program I feel I CAN commit to without feeling like I’ve set too big of a goal. I can do these workouts at home, it’s a 30 minute commitment 3 times a week. Very doable! Plus, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this sore, and it feels great.

    My third and sorta lofty personal goal for 2019 is to travel somewhere that requires a passport. It’s been a long time since Antonio and I have gone somewhere exciting, hopefully we can make it happen.

    Business Goals

    My overall business goals are pretty straightforward: post more frequently (on the blog as well as Instagram), and to grow. Growth is the goal that covers all facets of my business: grow inventory, grow followers, grow sales, outgrow my home studio and into an office or warehouse, and maybe even grow to have a few full time employees. Wouldn’t that be something?!

    Home Project Goals

    I’m going to bullet point my 2019 home project goals, and dive into them in more detail at a later time. A couple of these projects are currently works in progress, while the others require a cash investment that we will be prioritizing this year (I’m looking at you HVAC!). The project I’ve recently been obsessing over is a kitchen refresh. I have come to terms that 2019 isn’t the year I will get a new kitchen (ha!) and the thought of living with the inherited chili pocket door and sunflower yellow cabinets for at least another year really bums me out. So I have a plan for a kitchen refresh and will share it with you in the coming weeks! Here are the 5 projects I hope to tackle in 2019:

    • Finish our master suite bathroom
    • Finish Mara’s big girl room
    • Upgrade/re-work HVAC
    • Kitchen refresh
    • Get drawings completed for a home addition


    2019 I’m ready for you!

    1. oh woah – chili door – you weren’t kidding. i was thinking it was just red, but wow. yea, feel ya. we have a ketchup/mustard colored kitchen ourselves. trying to renovate it this year, fingers crossed.

      1. Fingers crossed for you as well! For a space we spend so much time in, it really shouldn’t be something we hate. Luckily our chili-door is a pocket door and is hidden 100% of the time, ha!

    2. Can’t WAIT to see how you transform this home! I should have mentioned this in the survey, but one suggestion I have is to make your website more user friendly on the blog side. I was trying to search for your built in shelves from the last house and it’s pretty difficult to find. The search bar doesn’t give any results on past blog posts. Perhaps the Shop is more of a priority but I thought I’d mention it. Happy New Year!!!

      1. Thank you Heather!! Yes, I am actually in the process of developing a separate site which the blog will live, so the shop and blog become their own identities (website wise). I wish this process didn’t take forever… soon it will be 1000x better, promise!

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