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  • My New Home Office with Perigold

    Now that the renovation of our master suite is complete, I’m finally putting this space to good use! I have been borrowing this room for my business, and will be using it as my studio/workspace until I outgrow the space (which feels sooner rather than later if you ask me!).

    Designing my first home office has been so rewarding! I’ve spent ~12 years in stuffy office environments, with either cubical desks or second hand IKEA office furniture. Sourcing the exact desk based on my taste and style is a luxury I never knew I needed!

    Perigold was my main resource when sourcing for my home office. Perigold’s website is so easy to use. I searched for “desks” and filtered my search by entering the max dimensions of desk I could choose from. This small corner of our master suite is only 48″ wide, which actually made it easy to exclude desks that were too large for the space. After applying these filters, I found the Heckman Petite writing desk, with it’s modern yet traditional profile and tear dropped pulls, I knew it was the one!

    I intentionally did not source an office chair with wheels in an effort to protect my new hardwood floors. Instead, I sourced a chair with character and charm. I had been eying this Pierre Jeanneret inspired chair for a while. The Jude dining chair from Perigold was the perfect option for my office. The chair is very comfortable yet I plan to get a custom cushion made to add a little height as well as protect the cane seat.

     Framed portrait & brass whale | seascape | pillows (available soon} | swing arm sconce | desk | chair

    After I built my desk, my husband Antonio was a little jealous and asked for a work space of his own (one that wasn’t the dining table, ha!). On Black Friday we ordered ourselves a second desk to match mine. We will place his desk to the left side of the sliding doors. I plan to order a matching swing arm sconce as well!

    Stay tuned as I am designing one more space with Perigold and it may just become the most comfortable space in our entire home!

    1. Oh my, that beachscape. I would love any office that had that painting in it! I definitely need to carve out a little space of my own for an office, and this one looks so nice to work in.

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