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  • The Master Suite is Complete!

    Lo and Behold! Our master suite!!!

    Let me refresh your memory of what this space looked like when Antonio and I first bought the house (yikes!):

    The Before

    Dark, small, strange, carpeted… the bones of the room were the only thing going for this space, and if you ask me honestly that’s the most I could have hoped for!

    This renovation was no small feat. First we got the load bearing wall removed and a beam put in (read more about that here). Then we jacked up the foundation over 2″ (as the back corner had dropped over the years due to poor drainage). When designing the new bathroom footprint, Antonio and I made sure to carve out a larger bathroom with walls and soft close pocket door (!!!). We paneled the ceiling with shiplap from Metrie.  The most exciting development is that we were able to plane and de-orange beams with a magical potion, which I’ll be posting about soon!

    Vaulted ceiling, white shiplap ceiling paneling, master suite renovation

    The bathroom is currently in the rough-in plumbing stage and only about 75% drywalled. We are hoping to finish the bathroom in 2019. Until then there’s nothing yet to share behind that beautiful shaker single panel soft-close pocket door.

    I’ve been using this space as my studio for the last couple weeks, and it’s been amazing!!! My little home office is right in that corner up there. And good news! I may have found a spot for Antonio and I to have matching desks! The size of the room is beyond, it lets in an immense amount of natural light – perfect for product photography!

    The end goal of this room is to be our master suite, but for now (since it doesn’t have a functioning bathroom) we are lending the space to my business until my shop outgrows our home and we’re able to complete the bathroom (fingers crossed for 2019!).

    Please check back soon (or better yet – add my blog to your reader!) because very soon I will be sharing the cost breakdown of this entire renovation, as well as how we de-oranged the beams. These will be the final installments of this project before we put her in the books!

    Vaulted ceiling, white shiplap ceiling paneling, master suite renovation

    (What I’m wearing: shirt | pants | shoes | necklace)

    1. It feels like all the design bloggers I read lately are struggling with vaulted ceilings and orange beams – and the different solutions they go through is interesting. I am SO CURIOUS about how you managed to de-orange the beams! It must be in the top 10 troubles of 2018 home renovations.

      1. haha that’s so true! we all want a nicer wood tone on our ceilings! the key for this product is applying it on an unfinished surface. Some folks aren’t able to pay (or invest the time) to remove existing finish. I couldn’t imagine painting these beams so finding this reactive stain was exactly what I wanted to achieve the finish!

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