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  • Styling a Southern California Living Room with Perigold

    A couple weeks ago I went down to Costa Mesa to style and photograph a project for Perigold at my best friend Allison’s home. It was incredible to be able to do something like this for her, as Allison was the first person who influenced me in loving interiors, decor, and ultimately interior design.

    Growing up, my family didn’t have the means to spend on nice home furnishings.  Our blended family lived in a very tiny home filled (TO THE BRIM) with 7 kids, a dog, and of course, my parents. I grew up with hand-me-down second hand furniture that was 100% for function, and besides picking out my own comforter as a kid, I really had no sense of what it was like to express my creativity through interiors, decorating, and design.

    After all these years, it was Allison who sparked my interest in a well designed space. I always recall Allison had the cutest dorm room, mixing in interesting pieces to balance out the ugly dorm furniture. After all these years it finally felt right to be able to do something for her by helping spruce up her living room with a few new pieces from Perigold. Perigold is a go-to source for high end & high quality interior furnishings, all your favorite brands under one roof makes shopping a more convenient and seamless experience.

    Allison and I were both drawn to this Bernhardt Sutton House coffee table for it’s modern profile and Spanish influence. The curved details really had us at hello, not to mention that coveted bottom shelf, perfect for extra storage and easy access to your favorite tasseled throw.

    I love the rich, glossy finish of the coffee table, it balances well with all the vintage textiles we layered throughout the room.

    Allison has young kids, and like any living room in a home with kids, the best furniture pieces are those who store and hide all the ugly things. The Noir Brook 4 door sideboard is a show stopper, it is the perfect merriment of modern and coastal, pairs so well with the coffee table, and not to mention holds plenty of storage for all those unsightly kiddo things!

    Perigold offers over 100,000 luxury pieces across all styles, with furniture & decor from everyone’s trusted brands. Perigold makes shopping for high end furnishings convenient and enjoyable. We worked with their personal concierge service to finalize our design choices and facilitate a seamless ordering and delivery experience.

    I layered our Morella rug over Allison’s existing jute rug, which instantly brightened up the space. Layering is one of my favorite tricks to creating a collected, lived-in look and feel in a room. The Morella rug would be slightly too small for her living room on it’s own, yet layering it on top of a jute gives you significantly more freedom to decorate with those odd sized vintage rugs.  That said, if you find a vintage rug you love and it’s not quite the right size, definitely consider the layered look!

    Allison’s shiplap feature wall was begging for a vintage accent piece, so I sourced an extra long vintage village workbench and it couldn’t be more perfect.

    There are countless sources and avenues to shop for home furnishings, next time you’re looking for a high quality design minded piece, count on Perigold as your top resource.



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