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  • Our New Front Door update

    How to design a custom front door

    A few weeks ago I posted about the fact we need a new front door. I also shared all the pretty inspiration to our door design, which you should definitely check out! I was surprised how easy and affordable it was to design my own front door, and wanted to share with you the process in case you too are in the market for a new door.

    modern traditional front door

    We visited our local lumber shop, Dolan’s Lumber, kids in tow, to check out pricing on a door in the style we were looking for. Most lumber shops, especially family owned or local shops, seem to carry better quality brands than the big box stores and basically it felt much more comfortable working with this shop over the big box store, not to mention it was actually more affordable.

    I brought an inspiration photo of the door  I wanted to design, and our sales guy started plugging in the specs in his software. We determined details like the thickness of the interior window trim between the glass (aka mullions) and the sizing of the windows in relation to the wood, etc etc. We opted for a paint grade solid wood door and to have our contractor install the door. The door took 6 weeks to be fabricated, installation took about a half-day. Not too bad for getting exactly what you want for something that will be attached to your home for 50+ years! (Please ignore the uncovered vent crate and command hooks on the wall)

    modern traditional front door

    I came home from work to see our door installed and basically squealed with excitement! While it has yet to be painted, we LOVE it! We will be painting it in a few weeks once our master suite is ready for paint. We had to use the strength of 1,0oo men to open our old door, and this door opens and shuts smooth like butter, which has to be because of the gorgeous Brisbane lock set by Emtek. You guys, Emtek door hardware will spoil you, their handle sets and hardware are substantial and impeccably made. It’s hard to describe, there is weight to the handle set and a high end beauty that makes me officially a grown up.

    modern traditional front door

    (I borrowed our Benoit runner from our shop to style our new front door!)


    1. I love your door! Can you share who it’s made by? And if possible, a price range for a door like this? Thanks in advance!

      1. Of course! We had our door made by our local lumber shop, Dolan’s Lumber. It was $1,100, and we will pay probably about ~$200 to get it painted. Hope that helps!

      1. I know, so do I!! Given that it’s paint grade, the grain of the wood isn’t as pretty irl as if we had gone with stain grade, but I’ve been loving living with it natural and it’s definitely making me second guess my plans to paint lol. Maybe just a clear coat! :)

      1. Why type of wood is the door? I wonder what the color will be with a clear stain. I’ve been wanting to achieve this exact natural look but it changes with exterior stain depending on the wood species. Thanks for sharing the species!

    2. Love the door. In the market myself. I personally want a real wood door however people and the salesman at the local hardware store mentioned that wood expands and contracts and needs to be maintained often. Did you hear this prior to buying wood and if so any thoughts about that?

    3. Love this door. You mentioned it is a painters grade wood. Did they mention
      what type of wood this is? Looking for a similar wood color for our house.

    4. I have fallen in love with this entry handleset by Emtel, but I am in Australia! Going to try my very best to source it for our house. Just wondering what does the interior handle look like? Is it also on a backplate?

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