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  • A little bit of this, a little bit of that

    Hey! How’s your Summer going?! It’s August and I can hardly believe it.  While I’ve unintentionally been quite here on the blog, a lot has been happening which means it’s time for a brain-dump type post to get caught up again!

    First, our master suite project is still underway, lots to share here especially our plans with the floors. I’m SO excited about the floors! We kinda got forced into making decisions on the bathroom which I was originally ignoring since we didn’t prioritize budget for that part of the room (we’re saving every penny for the kitchen, dammit!). All in all it’s going to be great and I’m just anxious to get it looking (and functioning) like a real room again.

    Bathroom demo

    My kids and I have finally recovered from pneumonia (yes, my kids caught it too! Unbelievable). We spent last week in Disneyland, our annual trip, and had a blast! We were supposed to top off our Disney trip with two nights at a beach house in SoCal, but turns out I booked it for the wrong two days and lost out on the ENTIRE cost. No amount of tears or begging would make the VRBO agent budge. Nothing like dumping $2K down the drain :( I’ve officially vowed never to book a vacation again, I’m such a dummy!



    Disneyland family photo

    I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and bought the Bobbi Brown Deluxe Eye & Cheek set. I bought the eye and cheek set last year and have used it every day! This year’s palette is SO GOOD. I love trying to figure out the best eye makeup combination, and the colors in this palette are perfect for all faces and events. I also bought this hat, not part of the Anniversary Sale but such a good deal and it is super flattering. I’m not a hat person usually yet I received a lot of compliments on it while wearing it around Disneyland and I think I’m a hat convert.

    Brixton Hats

    Brixton Hats

    jeans, top (similar), shoes

    I have been blogging for a looong time, and am terrible at reintroducing myself to my readership. It’s easier to assume folks will figure it out themselves or followed along since the beginning, but I’ve been reminded recently that it’s not the case. So, here’s the 10 second summary of my background! I am an INFJ, Libra, wife, mother of 2 kids living in the SF Bay Area, California. I am a corporate controller at a financial tech company in San Francisco, I commute to my corporate day job every day, 3 hours a day, and would much rather spend those hours blogging or designing! I own a side business, The Vintage Rug Shop, where I sell my heart and soul in the form of vintage rugs and textiles, and the shop is growing so quickly I can barely keep up.  We’re about to launch a site re-design and it’s going to be bananas, I can’t wait!! Speaking of launching, did you check out the latest rug collection? Gah! So good!

    Vintage rug collection

    It feels great to get my pen on paper, so to speak, here’s to more blog posts and enjoying the last few weeks of summer before school starts!

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