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  • We need a new front door

    On the proverbial list of things our house needs, there’s one specific thing has shot to the top of the list: a new front door.

    As you know, I’m no stranger to shopping for a new front door, do you remember the front door we installed in our last home? We stayed true to the era of the home by selecting a door that was more mid-century in style and design. For our current home I also plan to also stay true to the era of the house! This time we’re looking for something that is both modern and traditional, clean yet timeless.

    We live in a very quiet neighborhood surrounded by lots of nature, trees, and bushes, which offers a lot of natural privacy. I’m so happy because this means we can choose a door with a greater window-to-door ratio.

    Here are 5 front doors that are seriously inspiring my decision:

    Modern farmhouse traditional blue gray front door

    via Courtney Bishop

    Besides the color of these doors being pure perfection, the style is nearly exactly what I’m looking for! I love the thin trim and symmetry of 4 tall windows, and of course the brass hardware. You better believe we’ll have brass hardware on our new door!

    4 lite modern traditional black front door

    via Brooks and Hill

    Again with the thin trim and unlacquered brass hardware! So good! I love these doors os much, but given they’re almost all window, they would probably work better for the back of the house rather than a front door.

    california eclectic traditional kitchen with modern elements large black framed windows

    via 202design

    Love how these doors bring the outside in! more windows, the more you feel intertwined with nature, which is something I definitely am trying to achieve.

    via La Bella Vie

    Another stunning door design that would be perfect for the front! Keeping the trim minimal with only two horizontal pieces takes this otherwise traditional door very modern.

    via Studio McGee

    This door above has been on my mind for a long time! It’s modern yet traditional and timeless, and that perfect ratio of window to door that I’m looking for.

    Which door speaks to you most? Would you choose door 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5? Tell me in the comments!



    1. #1 reads more “front door” but I absolutely love #2. The only hesitation with all windows is what is it looking in to! Do I need any privacy? Good luck! Love reading about all your renovations!

    2. #1 OR #5 would be amazing for the front! and I love the look of #2 or #3 for the back! All lovely options, Can’t wait to see what you decide.

    3. Would you be able to tell me what the paint color is on door #1? I have a very similar front door, and we are getting ready to paint the exterior of our house. Love the color!

        1. For God’s sake, has anyone figured out the paint color for door #1?
          I have looked for hours and have come up with nothing.

    4. I love #1 and #5. I have to make the same decision and have front doors on the brain. I am seriously thinking of door #1 for our house, my only concern is on one side of my door is a full door length window broken up into 18 French door window panes. Does that make sense? I just need to figure out what window door will look good with the 18 small window panels next to it? Any ideas? The shape of the panes are rectangular not square.

    5. I am DESPERATE for a new front door(s) and you seem to be in the same vein as I! My ONLY concern is security… With all the openness what are you going to do, if anything, for a securer door to thwart intruders?? I’m not being paranoid, just practical, but I LOVE doors with more glass/light. Thanks, Brittany!

    6. My vote is door #3 and #5. We are at the beginning of a remodel and like you our home is in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by nature. Would love some resources regarding doors, if you have any. We are leading towards metal windows and would love to keep the look with the exterior doors. Thanks!

    7. The last door, #5, is my favorite. After we find the perfect piece of property we will build. That door is exactly what I have been looking for.

    8. I too would like the name of the front door color. I guess its a deep dark secret!
      It would be polite to respond though.

    9. I love door #1 where can I purchase and what is the paint color, also if you know the paint color of the exterior brick.

      1. Can you tell me the maker and style of this door? I too love the simple craftsman inset rectangle at the bottom and can only find more traditional versions. Thanks for any help you can give.

    10. Door #1is NOT Wrought Iron. Unless the screen color is truly wonky. Door #1 appears to be a shade of darker gray-blue while Wrought Iron is an off-black. The search continues….

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