• Master Bath Reveal

    I finally (FINALLY!) get to share our finished master bathroom! We started this project back in October during the One Room Challenge, and while we finished all sponsored aspects of the bathroom (the wallpaper, the mirror, the lever door handles, and the pendant lights), we still wanted to replace the pedestal sink with a more functional (and beautiful!) vanity.

    The feminine wallpaper was calling for a more modern profile vanity, and the Toby vanity was more than perfect. The open shelf at the bottom is perfect for a tray to display pretty folded towels, and the matte black pulls are a great balance to all the brass elements happening in the space. I spoke about my faucet dilemma on Instagram stories, we had ordered the champagne bronze faucet and it seriously clashed with the mirror and lights. I’m happy we settled on this matte black faucet. It’s just the perfect amount of modern to balance all the  feminine elements in this space.

    The vanity comes without a countertop, which I prefer anyway because I L.O.V.E. shopping for stone remnants. Choosing your own countertop is such an exceptional way to add a personal touch to any space. I wanted a white marble but nothing with extreme veining. Remnant shopping can be tricky, it’s like shopping the clearance rack at Target, you really never know what you’re going to find, which is kind of thrilling! I found this remnant that was just the perfect size we needed for the top and backsplash. The remnant was $180, plus $500 for fabrication and $500 for plumbing + install. Fabrication is typically the most expensive part of customizing a countertop, and we chose to go with mitered straight edges which takes a lot more precision and skill when fabricating. Our installation was a little more expensive than you’d expect because our contractor also upgraded and relocated our plumbing.

    I know every home blogger says this, but I seriously couldn’t be happier with how the vanity turned out.  And now for the best part! I mean, who doesn’t love a good before + after?

    One Room Challenge Week 1 - The Vintage Rug Shop

    SO SATISFYING! I still can’t believe the bathroom was previously safety orange. My goodness!


    wallpaper | mirror | pendant lights | vanity | faucet | sink | matte black GFI outlet | towel bar | toilet paper holder | lever door handles

    1. This looks SO perfect! I really like the touch that the black hardware adds to the room (and ties into the wallpaper, although that isn’t necessarily black).

      One question: did you redo the shower area as well? That seems like it’d be the most expensive part of the project, and something that is holding us back in redoing our master bath $$$. We’re thinking about redoing/replacing things as we can (because some things, like a water-damaged vanity, can’t wait) and it’s nice to imagine that other people (even bloggers!) might make that decision as well.

      1. Great question! It’s amazing what cropping a photo can do 😛 re-tiling the floors and shower isn’t in our budget right at the moment, our house has so many other things higher on the priority list! I think i’m going to test out tile paint and cover the yucky 70’s speckled beige tiles in the mean time. Our contractor installed the vanity in a specific manner knowing we would have to remove it once the time comes to redo the floors. Anyway, I am fully a proponent of replacing things to give a space new life or a face lift until budget permits a full reno.

      1. The vent is still above the mirror, we got a matte black vent so it blends in well! when we do more significant renovation to the rest of the house we are planning to re-do all of the ducting and place vents in better locations. So for now its camouflaged better 😉

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