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  • Planning Mara’s 1st Birthday with Paperless Post

    This post is in partnership with Paperless Post, a design-minded invitation site I’ve used for years! Paperless Post gifted me coins (essentially ‘store credit’) to share my experience using their website to plan an event. The timing couldn’t have been better as we were already planning Mara’s 1st birthday!

    I can’t tell you how many times I found myself in a conversation with a loved one, shocked that they have never used or heard of X product/software/app etc. For example, my mom has never used Excel. Like ever! I mean, that blows my mind! I have been neck deep in Excel literally every single day for the last 12 years, and I shouldn’t take it for granted. There are folks out there who never cross paths with Excel. My reliance on Paperless Post is kind of like this situation with my mom. I have used Paperless Post for at least 4 years to plan all events I’ve hosted. From day one I was drawn to their design-minded collection of digital invitations, as I feel they’ve always helped represent my style and design-mindedness (if that’s even a word). Just because I’ve used them for years I should’t assume everyone else has used or even heard of them. So, consider today’s post a PSA that, given my love and adoration for their product, you should absolutely plan your next event with Paperless Post.

    Paperless Post has re-imagined digital invitations to be a beautiful, elegant, seamless process. They have harnessed technology to power design, which is actually a very difficult thing to do! Using their site couldn’t be simpler. First, you choose a design from their substantial curated collection of free and premium designed cards & invitations. Then, you customize the design by uploading a photo or simply changing any of the customized fields in a design. Once your design is complete, you enter, or even better – upload an excel file of all your contacts – and seamlessly send out the invitation. You are able to track the status of your RSVPs, messages, and even set reminders if you have any stragglers who haven’t yet RSVP’d.  The entire process of using their product is beautiful, seamless, and distraction free.

    Here is the digital invitation I created for Mara’s 1st birthday!

    I love that you can change the digital envelope liner to match the vibe of the card you’re creating. 


    I tried to translate the moody vibe of the invitation into the physical decor for Mara’s party. My mom, while she’s never used Excel before, is a florist and created the most beautiful arrangement for the party! I have never once attempted to arrange flowers, so I suppose our skill sets balance each other out pretty well :)

    buffalo check tablecloths | alphabet sparklers | marble cake stand | marble dessert dome | letterboard

    I snagged the garland from Costco, then foraged a few branches of silver dollar eucalyptus from our neighbors tree and wove it into the garland.

    Mara’s hairbow | Mara’s dress | Mara’s kitty tights | Mara’s shoes

    We had such a great time hosting our first party in our new house. While sure this party would have been the same with or without Paperless Post, I will say I felt a million times more organized and prepared for the event using their digital invitations & tracking from go.

    I would love to know, have you used Paperless Post before? If so, what was the event for?  And tell me, are you like me and willing to pay a little bit for a well designed service?

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