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  • One Room Challenge FINALE! – Week 7

    Reveal day is here everyone! I feel like I could give Linda, founder and organizer of the One Room Challenge, a giant hug right now. If it weren’t for her requesting that I participate in this season of the ORC my husband and I would have never gotten our butts in gear to redesign our master bedroom. It’s very possible we would still be living in an orange bedroom right now, YIKES! (Don’t believe me? check out week 1! Then check week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, & week 6).  This was my first time participating in the One Room Challenge, and I hope it isn’t my last!  Believe it or not, I have never participated in a decorating and remodeling project so exhilarating before, and while moments of it felt overwhelming and like I was on the brink of failure, this space turned out even more incredible than I imagined and I learned so much.

    Did you know we moved into our new/old house only days before the ORC began? It’s true! What’s also true is, I had plans for vertical paneling in this home before knowing Metrie was a sponsor. I reached out to Metrie immediately and asked if they sold any products that would look like vertical shiplap, and you guys, they have the perfect product for all shiplap lovers out there! It’s called Metrie Complete Pre-painted Shiplap and they’ve legitimately perfected the process of installing shiplap in people’s homes! As the name mentions, it’s pre-painted, which tends to be the hurdle for homeowners who want the look as painting dozens of boards can be a drag. I talked about how we installed the vertical paneling in week 5, it seriously couldn’t have been easier.

    As many of you know, vintage rugs are a passion of mine, and I looooove to decorate around them. I found this vintage Tabriz rug for a small fortune (they’re stunning, perfectly and expertly worn and shaved down to a low pile, they’re expensive for a reason!) but knew this rug was THE rug!

    Once I found the rug, I swear the bed found me! I didn’t want to spend my entire budget on a new bed (which you can easily do by the way – beds are expensive!) I wanted something linen in a neutral solid color, with a foot-board and a simple profile. The Parisa bed fit the bill perfectly, and you guys – the quality is incredible and the price point is surprisingly affordable.

    The next items I sourced were the bed linens. For the bedding, I wanted something natural in color with a little bit of texture.  I already had white sheets, so all I had to do was layer the Brussels quilt & shams atop the petite ruffle duvet cover, which I topped with a double sheepskin to add more texture and warmth. My favorite bed styling trick is to have multiple layers of neutrals, then mix up the throw pillows whenever I feel like a change.  I sourced the two peach kilim pillows and had the other mudcloth pillows sewn. If you like these, I have similar pillows available in my shop!

    I purchased two Cafe sconces myself from Lucent Lightshop, I couldn’t picture any other lighting in this room.  I just love Sarah’s products so when she announced this new profile I scooped two up so quick!

    When it came to selecting decorative objects, I knew I wanted to use the Sabla gold oval tray by Article. Article has the most beautiful metallic trays and bowls in their shop, it was hard to choose just one.  I am the type of person who needs a tray or bowl on my nightstand to corral all the random things I discard from my body before climbing in bed, like hair ties and bobbi pins and such. Tell me I’m not the only one.

    Speaking of the nightstands, our second nightstand got stuck in shipping delays but I’m so happy I get to showcase at least one for you! Have you ever experienced that moment you purchase your first piece of high quality furniture? This nightstand is one of those pieces – solid wood construction, perfect brass cap handles, and the profile is everything I was looking for in a dresser. I wanted something with storage so I can hide my PJs and a shelf to display pretty things like books and magazines. The Lexington nightstands from The Mine are one of my most favorite elements in the room. I’ll update these photos once the second nightstand arrives so you can see them flanking the bed.

    We were nearing the completion of renovating the bedroom when we realized we didn’t have closet doors! We picked up some cheap-o flat panel doors from our local hardware store and some square trim, then added this box frame molding detail to the doors to give them a little more personality. Then we painted them the same color to match the wall paneling.  I love the subtle detail of the trim paired with the brass hexagon knobs.

    As you can see we removed the stained glass window from the right window. In case you’re worried, we didn’t get rid of it! We are thinking of ways to display the stained glass window as an art piece in another part of the house.

    Another decision that plagued me was whether or not to get window treatments for our windows and slider. I ultimately decided against window treatments because our backyard is completely private and secluded, and it’s a wonderful view to wake up to in the morning. A big perk to all this natural light is this room is a fiddle leaf fig tree haven! Against my better judgement (because fiddles are SO fickle and to care for) I bought this big tree and placed it inside the black grid basket from Article. I like using baskets as planters because they look well designed and intentional, but also make it easy to take the plant out for a good watering if needed.

    I think it’s about time I mention this ceiling fan! I’ve wanted a modern profile ceiling fan for years. Years! We had the most hideous ceiling fan in our old house, and I refused to let that happen in our new house. Thank goodness Craftmade is sponsoring the ORC, because they have an incredible selection of modern ceiling fans. I fell hard for the Mobi ceiling fan. I was worried at first about the black being too bold, but it literally couldn’t be more perfect for this space.

    My original intention for the artwork above the dresser was to showcase something original, I loved a handful of prints from a few of my favorite photographers, but I couldn’t pull the trigger fast enough to get them framed and printed. I’ve been hoarding a small stack of these woven African mats with the intention to get them professionally framed, so I decided to test it out myself! I hacked a Target framed art piece by replacing the mass produced art that came with the frame with the vintage woven mat. I think it turned out great and plan to get more framed for my shop!

    I flanked the art with two Salina table lamps from Basset Mirror. These lamps are so pretty! The top of the sphere is a frosted glass, and the bottom is brushed raw brass. They’re so simple yet make such a statement. The arrival of the Suki dresser from Hayneedle will take place any minute, and I will update these photos once it arrives. For now we borrowed the dresser from my daughter Mara’s bedroom.

    I knew I wanted some accent seating, but worried whether or not we’d have enough space for an accent chair. Choosing the accent chair was actually the one decision that took the longest. I turned to Article as they have such a stellar selection of accent seating, and couldn’t get my mind off the Forma Milkyway brass frame armchair. I love the textured neutral fabric and the geometric brass frame. It has personality but doesn’t steal the show, kind of like me!  Haha.

    Article never fails to deliver! They have such a great assortment of furniture and decor. I hung their Helix black white woven basket beneath a woven basket I’ve had for years, on the wall above the chair. Bowls on a wall – instant art! I love how it helps bounce texture and neutrals around the room. It’s so easy to turn anything handmade into displayed art.

    We have a bathroom connected to the master bedroom, and from the very beginning when planning out this space I knew I wanted to incorporate Farrow & Ball wallpaper. I stumbled on this wallpaper during my girls trip to Chicago when checking out the Farrow & Ball store. I took home a sample of the Peony wallpaper in the 23-21 colorway and couldn’t get it out of my head. You all know how much I love navy! I envisioned a wallpapered bathroom peeking out from the master bedroom, and think I was successful in making this vision come to life!

    Elements of our bathroom will be updated over time (like the tile – shh, don’t look!) but significant improvements were made over these last few weeks. We removed the original medicine cabinet, covered it with drywall, and after wallpapering we then hung the Coburg brass mirror from Lamps Plus. This mirror is so so pretty! I decided to layer brass on brass in this space, which may be daring for some but I think it’s working out well. We installed two Hudson Valley mini brass pendants also from Lamps Plus, and am seriously looking for reasons to hang more of these pendants around my house. I love them so much!

    Another element we updated last minute was our door hardware. We have old original doors from the 50’s and I was initially concerned about retrofitting new hardware, but once I got talking with Emtek about replacing our door handles, they were so knowledgeable about all the specifications we needed to make the upgrade seamless. I chose the Helios lever with rectangle back plate in matte black for our doors, and I’m not kidding when I say Emtek products will spoil you and you’ll never want to use another product again!

    I pulled a vintage paint by number from my growing vintage art collection. I love how the frame helps bounce the gold around the room and also helps harness the feminine vibe of this space.

    Let’s circle back to the main space shall we!

    Gosh you guys! I can’t believe this is it! What a whirlwind this makeover has been. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s positive comments and encouragement and all the amazing sponsors. Thank you for following along, and please make sure to check out the rest of the final reveals! Also, check Linda’s blog tomorrow to see all the other incredible finished spaces of the Thursday group, there are hundreds of participants with incredible spaces and enough eye candy to keep you satisfied for months!

    Sources: Rug (vintage) |  Wall paneling | Bed | Nightstands | sheepskin pelt | Quilt & Shams | Duvet cover | Cafe sconces  | kilim pillows (similar) | Indigo pillow | Dyed mudcloth pillowsCeiling fan | decorative ladder |  black dresser | Gold table lamps | Black planter basket | Gold oval tray | black + white woven basket | Brass frame armchair | Black lever door hardware | Peony wallpaper | Brass mirror | Mini brass pendants | hexagon towel bar | hexagon closet hardware | soap dispenser


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    1. Tears in my eyes, Brittany! What an incredible transformation! I want to run my hands over every single texture. You have created a treat for every sense. Such gorgeous details I love as well! Applause, applause!!!

    2. This space turned out stunning! It’s so funny – I hacked the same Target frame! Those staples were a b, but couldn’t beat the price! Amazing work, as always.

    3. Beautiful! What a transformation! Can you open the closet without bonking into the bedside table? It looks like it overlaps.

      1. Haha! It does, and my husband isn’t too pleased. We are contemplating moving these closet doors to my daughters room and getting sliding doors instead, since I failed to consider this when frantically getting the closet situated!

      1. I’m not asking you to give away your business secrets… but I would appreciate a post sharing how you started finding vintage rugs and any tips for someone on the hunt.

    4. I am studying how you used texture and things that look like they have history, like the rug, to make such a warm room in such a light space! Beautiful result! And love the Kuba cloth.

    5. So so SO gorgeous!! Love how everything came together, heart eyes for the walls and the rug most of all. And can I just say I was following along on insta through all your furniture delivery stress but you did such a great job pulling it all together – so stunning!

    6. WOW! I love this room! I’ve been following your for the whole challenge and have been dying to see your final result. Then I just pinned almost all of your pictures for when I remodel our own bedroom sometime in the coming year- it turned out INCREDIBLE! Thanks for sharing, I just love your taste. The lines of your room are so clean and modern, but it still has so much personality and vintage flair. Amazing job!!!!!!

    7. I LOVE your space- you did such an amazing job! The colors are perfect and everything looks beautiful. Your room was my favorite in the ORC :)

    8. I love everything! What a serene, cozy, embracing space! Nicely done.

      May I ask where the black vase/pot on the night stand is from?

    9. I love the Metrie wall treatment. It makes your ceilings feel really tall. All of your textures and layers look great together. The wallpaper is also stunning. Great job, and your vintage rug is perfect.

    10. Everything came out so perfect! Love all the colors and textures – everything seems to work so well together.

      I’m like you and obsess way to much over ceiling fans. I’m literally paralyzed when it comes to picking one out for our rooms.

    11. Brittany, This looks fantastic, and is by far one of my favorites from the ORC! I’ve been on the fence about using the Metrie pre-painted shiplap in our nursery, but with the vertical install, I think I’ll absolutely go for it!

      Also, a thought about your tile… (which of course I didn’t actually look at!) We PAINTED our tile & grout when we first moved into our home, because we knew we were installing hardwoods soon so it wasn’t worth re-tiling, but I also couldn’t live with terracotta-color tile in the interim! We used Sherwin WIlliams’ Porch & Floor Enamel (a quart covered 2 coats of our bathroom floor with 1/4 left for touch ups) and it held up well for a year before we tore the tile out to install the hardwoods. Just a thought for you, as a cheap interim fix since I know the pain of seeing bad tile in an otherwise gorgeous room!

      1. YES YES YES! This is exactly what I have been thinking of doing! This tile also plagues our shower, I’m not sure how it would fare getting wet once a day. Did you paint the floor only? Thank you for telling me it can be done and you’re happy that you did it! I don’t know when we will re-tile in here, it will happen but it will be a while so this is definitely my next project for this particular space so as not to be embarrassed by it haha!

    12. I am late to the party, but I wanted to comment and tell you how much I love this project. My favorite parts are the lighting and bedding, but the whole bedroom is beautiful. I love the peek of wallpaper too!

    13. This bedroom is perfection! I love everything about it and the rug is a stunner. The whole space has that wonderfully “undecorated” look which makes it even better! I know there is so much stress associated with the ORC but in the end it is always worth it!!!

    14. This is absolutely beautiful- we’ve been looking at low-profile modern ceiling fans and absolutely love that one you have! We have standard ceiling height– do you think this fan would still work over our bed (similar placement to yours)? That’s been the struggle so far– usually they have such a large drop height!

      1. We have standard height ceilings too! We selected for the shortest drop length when ordering, so it nearly hugs the ceiling.

    15. Would love to learn about how you reused the Target frame. I have daydreamed about doing that, but am not handy at all!

      1. Oh man, it was trial and error. I bought the set of art that came with two frames, and the first one I snapped when trying to pull it apart :/ the second one I was a little gentler, but it was such a hack and to be honest probably not something I’d do again haha! I don’t think the frames are made of real wood…

    16. I love the bedside lamps and am considering them for my master bedroom. Are there lightbulbs in your sconces? When I go to Lucent Lighting, I’m not as enamored of the lights when I see the bulbs. But I don’t see bulbs in your pics? Color me confused :)

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