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  • High Point Market Fall 2017 Recap – Day 2

    Day 2 at High Point Market with the Design Bloggers Tour was PACKED! We visited 10 showrooms in 8 hours with only a quick lunch break. By the end of the day our dogs were barking but we left market full of  inspiration and motivation and adoration for all the passion shared in this field. Here are the highlights of day 2 at High Point Market! (Read the highlights of day 1 here)

    Century @centuryfurniture

    Century is one of those showrooms that sponsor the Design Bloggers Tour each season. They are a third generation family owned company known for their luxury furniture, impeccable quality and legendary service. The majority of their furniture is manufactured in North Carolina, just a hop skip from High Point Market.

    When browsing the Century showroom, I found myself drawn to so many products with incredible details like leather ties, wood inlays, burl, brass – basically all my favorite things. And statement chairs! So many we all loved and fawned over, as you can tell.

    If there was one thing I could take home in all of High Point Market, it was this shield mirror! Damn this was one gorgeous mirror.

    Tomlinson @tomlinsonfurn @barrydarrdixon

    Tomlinson is another powerhouse furniture manufacturer, their factory is also located in North Carolina. We visited designer Barry Dixon’s collection for Tomlinson, where we found lots of modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional styles all under one roof, basically something for everyone! I loved meeting Barry Dixon and learning about his passion for interiors. My favorite quote of his during our tour was his view that “modern design is mixing for a bespoke end”


    Naturally, I gravitated towards all the beautiful rugs in the showroom, and even found a stack of them in the back!

    Highland House 

    Highlahd House is a 55 year old company who positions themselves with thoughtful & livability in their products at the forefront of their business. They believe ‘pretty’ is defined at the start, beginning at the manufacturing stage. #keepitpretty is their mantra.

    We met the president of the company, who introduced us to his aunt Lee who is also the fabric queen for designing all the custom upholstery in all of their crafted case goods. This was another showroom sponsored by Crypton fabrics, the company reshaping interiors and resetting the standard for what it means to have livability for all items in your home.  I loved seeing all the fabric selections and furniture pieces draped in Crypton fabrics, it gives designers a great sense of how these fabrics will function in all home styles. 


    Lloyd Flanders @lloyd_flanders

    Lloyd Flanders is a classic American outdoor furniture company that dates back to 1906.  Lloyd Flanders manufactures heirloom quality wicker furniture, chances are the wicker furniture you remember in your youth was a Lloyd Flanders piece!

    The wicker product is strung, woven like fabric, then wrapped and stapled to metal furniture frames as would fabric. I loved checking out the wall hangings made from Lloyd Flanders wicker, check out this tassel masterpiece!

    Their line of products now includes some modern profiles, I loved this club chair with the wood detailing, something I could definitely put in my own home!

    I loved learning about how the company brought back the classic rocking chair after Kenny Chesney’s song “old blue chair” became a fast hit! The old blue chair was a Lloyd Flanders chair, they recreated it last year due to it’s re surged popularity.

    Younger Furniture @youngerfurnitur

    Founder of Younger furniture began his career working at Thayer (sic) during the milo days, he was a quality and efficiency genius. The founder’s daughter is now the president and owner of Younger. And just like many American furniture manufacturers, Younger’s factory is located in High Point, North Carolina! All materials used in manufacturing each product is sourced within 15 miles of the factory (metal, wood, etc).

    My most favorite thing about Younger is the quality and tailoring for price point.

    Green Apple Style @gahomestyle 

    Green Apple is new to High Point Market, they are located in Lisbon Portugal, and are chalk full of high luxury items that basically feel like you’re living inside a jewelry box. Their perspective in desigining pieces is to incorporate a healthy mix of luxurious materials, like furs, leathers, marbles, mother of pearl, crystal, just to name a few. Green Apple strives to design items women love to touch, feel, taste, anything that sparks curiosity.

    Bend Goods @bendgoods 

    Based in Los Angeles, Bend Goods sells modern, playful, and trendy indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting, art and more. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Lucy chair! All products are wire framed close knit weld design, and are surprisingly comfortable! The early designs drew inspiration from the noteworthy Bertoia chair.

    Modshop @modshop1

    Modshop was definitely a memorable showroom! Every item they sell is fully customizable, full of vibrant colors, bold metallics, shiny and high gloss, definitely vibrant and energetic seeing many of their pieces in one small space. Modshop designs and manufactures everything in Los Angeles and upholstery sourced in the US as well. Each piece is so fabulous I’m dying to use just one as a statement piece!


    Phylum Design @phylumdesign #phylumdesign #dunkerdoes

    We ended the day at Phylum showroom, and you guys, this couldn’t have been a more memorable showroom to visit. I am just in love with Chris Dunker and his commitment to his craft. Chris is a lifelong artist who creates art of unlimited mediums from photography, industrial materials, digital processes, natural materials and other variable content. Chris sells distressed books, if you need curated book selection he can put some together and sells by the foot. Each piece of art displayed in his showroom had a special story and meaning behind it’s creation. Everything Chris creates and deisgned is custom and personal to his clients.



    My favorite pieces he showed us were the desert photograph series, which were enlarged framed photos his dad took back in the 70’s. We asked Chris about his thoughts on attending High Point Market, and
    I’ll never forget his answer: “[I’ve] retooled my mind to measure the value of success by the quality of projects generated from market, rather than the quantity”. Honestly, we were so impressed with Chris and his skills and personality, I can only imagine working with him on creating custom art for a client must be such a memorable process.

    I know these recaps are a lot to take in, but thank you for reading! We really enjoyed ourselves at High Point Market on the Design Bloggers Tour.  It was such a pleasure being hosted by so many fabulous businesses, brands, companies, artists. Like I said earlier, the passion is real and it’s infectious while at High Point Market!

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