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  • One Room Challenge – Week 5

    Week 5 of the One Room challenge is here folks.  Week 5! (New to the series? Check out week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4). Normally this is a freak out week as we gear up for the reveal, but you know what? I feel calm! Partly because we were given an extra week (hallelujah!) and partly because the toughest part of this project is nearing completion. It all should be gravy from here.

    As you can see, our master bedroom got a major facelift. No crazy surgeries or tummy tucks, just a run of the mill facelift by means of Metrie Complete Pre-painted Shiplap. I thought I’d share with you this week how we installed our vertical shiplap.

    Standard installation of the shiplap is pretty straight forward – measure, cut, nail, repeat. The Metrie Complete Shiplap product arrives pre-painted, which cuts down on any time required for painting. The product also includes a filler putty to fill any nail holes, and a wax stick to touch up any scuffs without any need for touch-up paint. While this product only requires being nailed in, we opted to also use liquid nails on the backside as an extra measure to ensure each board is completely flat against the walls.

    The other step we took was, instead of nailing on the face of the panels, we nailed each board the outside of the lip, which vastly decreased the number of nail holes we had to fill, and made the panels look clean and seamless. Maybe this isn’t a novel idea, but I sure thought it was smart! We made sure the nails were on the outside of the lip, since between each panel part of the lip shows, and you definitely don’t want to see nail holes in the seams between each panel.

    With exception, we nailed on the face of the panels at the top and bottom on the boards surrounding the ceiling, doors and windows. These areas will get covered with ceiling/window/door trim therefore covering any nail holes, so there isn’t as great of a need to be a perfectionist in these areas. I finished filling the nail holes with putty yesterday, and today we will caulk the seams and touch up any imperfections we may have missed.

    Another thing we worked on this week was removing the medicine cabinet and old overhead light from the bathroom. We think the vent has to stay, unfortunately, and are contemplating getting one wallpapered – has anyone done this before? I haven’t, and need your advice! Is it worth wallpapering a vent to help conceal it, or just dealing with it visually? I’m stuck on this one. The wallpaper installer is prepping the walls today, and will install Farrow & Ball Peony wallpaper on Friday. I’m beside myself with excitement!

    Lots of items for the room have arrived this week, like these stunning Cafe sconces from Lucent Lightshop! I love them so much, instead of the usual raw brass look, these guys are brushed brass with a slight age to them, which I’m totally into lately.

    Our items from Article arrived last week as well! I can’t wait to get that chair inside.  We’re so close to putting all these pieces together, fingers crossed it turns out as I imagine.

    You know the drill. Hop on through the rest of the ORC bloggers and see where their project sits at week 5!

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    1. I am assuming that is a cold/hot air return. You really don’t want to cover that up. Read about that here.

      In the meantime, at the A Beautiful Mess blog, she is dealing with the same issue. She made some decorative screens but is not sure she likes those. It may give you inspiration, though. I know whatever you decide, it will be great!

      1. Oh, no we won’t be covering it up, I was thinking of taking a vent cover and wallpapering it (like decoupage?). Thanks for the link!

    2. Are you wallpapering over a textured wall? I’d love to wallpaper but I’m concerned about my “orange peel” texture. Did you wallpaper person give you any advice? BTW…love that vertical shiplap!

    3. I’ve seen gorgeous metal screens that have intricate details (Van Dyke Restorers has lots of options but may take too long to deliver at this point). Good luck!

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