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  • How to Clean Brass Light Fixtures

    After receiving the photos from the Glitter Guide photo shoot, the first thing I noticed was that I forgot to polish the brass sconces in our bathroom. Oops! Perhaps you think they look fine, but scroll down and see them polished and you’ll agree I waited a little bit too long to do this chore. Knowing we were days away from putting our house on the market, I quickly whipped out my cleaning supplies to give these babies a nice shine.

    Yep, definitely overdue for some a little polish. I’m sure there are many methods to clean brass, but here’s my go-to, because it’s quick and effective and works every time!

    Items you’ll need:

    Step 1 – remove the bulbs

    Step 2 – cover your hands with gloves, sprinkle about a table spoon of Bar Keeper’s Friend into a bowl, add a little bit of water and give it a swirl until powder starts to dissolve. Don’t overmix, you want the mixture to be thick and gritty.

    Step 3 – take a lint free towel or paper towel, dab into mixture and gently rub on brass fixture until tarnish begins to fade. Keep doing this with clean parts of the towel until the fixture is tarnish free

    Step 4 – grab a second clean towel or paper towel to clean off the fixture; dampen it with water, then wipe away any of the Bar Keeper’s Friend residue left behind

    Step 5 – grab a third clean towel or paper towel and your polishing wax, gently rub a tiny tiny bit of wax around fixture, seriously – a little goes a long way! I find it best to just dab the cloth onto the wax then gently rub across fixture giving it a thin protective coat which prolongs it’s bright shiny finish

    Step 6 – put the bulbs back on the fixtures and you’re done!

    I clean my brass fixtures about twice a year. The wax polishing step will prolong the vibrant non-tarnished look of your brass fixtures. Brass oxidizes easily if not coated, but it’s easily cleaned with the proper supplies!




    1. Wow, looking forward to trying this. I have a brass mail slot and also a wall piece my dad brought from Asia. Since I was a child I have been using a stinky brass-only product. I have BarKeepers Friend on hand for removing silverware marks from my white porcelain china. Around here we have been reducing the number of cleaning products that are hazardous. Thanks!

    2. This worked wonders. it used it on my x3 watering can, some candle sconces from the thrift store, and an old Josef Frank candle holder – they all look practically new now! Thank you!

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