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  • Home Tour with Glitter Guide


    You guys! Remember that big photo shoot a few months ago? Lots of you thought the photo shoot was for our real estate listing photos. Nope! The photo shoot was for Glitter Guide, and the full tour of my home was featured today on their site!


    I will admit, we scheduled our real estate listing photos the very next day because our house was immaculate, and there was no way I was going to clean my house to that extent in the near future.


    Glitter Guide reached out to me over a year and a half ago about a home tour, but I asked to postpone because I felt like our home wasn’t complete. It wasn’t – while it was fine, I still had our pantry and fireplace on my home remodel wish list. It felt crazy saying no, but this completed home tour would not have nearly been the same as it is today if I had just made it work 18 months ago when our home was unfinished. If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know we completed both our fireplace and pantry back in January, which was one of my favorite projects we did in our home.



    I love the photo below so much! I never thought to take this angle, and seeing the front door in the background has me really missing this house!



    When searching for a local photographer for this home tour, my goal was to find someone who could capture my home the way it’s seen through our eyes, which I always had a difficult time achieving when photographing the house myself. I found Madison Holmlund while searching for local natural light photographers on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to her use of focal points, vignettes, and bright whites. Madison was so sweet, and a true professional while at our home, and naturally made me feel super comfortable being in front of the camera.



    Madison took so many incredible photos, I wish I could post them all! I also must be feeling nostalgia seeing these photos. I definitely miss this home.






    Thank you Glitter Guide for the feature! Be sure to check out the full home tour and interview over on their site and let me know what you think!  Did I miss any burning questions you may have?

      Can you tell me where the wood bench is from at the end of your bed? Looking for one just like this and its been hard to find one that looks distressed/vintage-y!

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