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  • Meet our new house!

    WC House Before-2

    We bought a house you guys! We just moved in this weekend and things are moving super fast, I’m trying to catch up! First things first, I’d like you to meet the Walnut Creek house! She’s a luscious avocado green color with teal window trim and forest green gutters – a real beaut. Before you proceed you may want to put on your favorite glare resistant sunglasses, there’s a lot of color about to happen on your screen!  I’m warning you!

    First up – the entry/living room. Upon entering the house you’re welcomed with a nice shade of salmon pink. At least it’s in a matte finish!

    WC House Before-25

    The living room feels tight at the moment. The wall to the left separates the living room from the kitchen and desperately needs to be removed.

    WC House Before-29

    I love the corner windows! Lots of homes in the neighborhood have these windows, and if I were able I’d add a window on the wall between the corner and front door to get a fuller view of the front yard.

    WC House Before-17

    How about this kitchen guys?! I’m no stranger to a “vintage” kitchen, but this oven has me scratching my head. Put the kitchen on the “must renovate ASAP” list!

    WC House Before-28

    You can see below how this wall separates the kitchen from the living room. I prefer open concept and can’t wait to get this wall removed. We’re even thinking of vaulting the ceilings, if budget permits.

    WC House Before-26

    WC House Before-19

    WC House Before-30

    What do I do with this stove? I am sure there are vintage stove collectors out there, but how do I actually USE it? We had PG&E come out and test it for us, it’s functional, just how functional is the real question. Also please note the height chart on the inside of the door frame – so cute! Don’t be mad but we painted over it.

    WC House Before-32

    You guys, check out those hand painted chili peppers on the pocket door! There’s another painted door in one of the bathrooms that I forgot to get a photo of, which I believe was a Christmas scene. The previous owner’s late wife was a painter, and she expressed her skills on the doors, switch plates, and even on the exterior window and door trim. It’s actually really charming seeing all the effort they put in to make this home theirs. I do feel a little guilty painting over it..

    WC House before - chili door

    Now, imagine yourself exiting the kitchen out the chili pocket door, you walk down this hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms. The hallway was a nice orange sherbet color, including the ceilings!

    WC House Before-13

    And in case you thought the house was full of only colors of the sunset were… meet the “blue bathroom”. My son Zano LOVES his blue bathroom. The hand painted shell border and ivy window trim are a lovely touch, it must have taken ages to do. Again, here goes the guilt for painting over it all.

    WC House Before-14

    We’ve been living in the home for 3 days now, learning it’s quirks. One thing I just can’t wrap my head around is this bathroom is a bathtub only. There’s no shower head! It becomes a real issue once you see the remaining bathrooms where the other two showers in the house can barley fit a grown man.

    WC House Before-15

    And yes, you’re noticing that correctly – the tub, sink, floor tile, AND toilet are all blue! So 50’s! So cute.

    WC House Before-16

    The red room is the first of 3 bedrooms on this side of the house. This will be my son’s room.

    WC House Before-11

    WC House Before-12

    The brown room is our daughter Mara’s room.

    WC House Before-8

    WC House Before-9

    WC House Before-10

    And behold, the “old” master bedroom! Pretty sure this color is safety orange. It should be a crime for painting companies  to sell this color paint to homeowners.  I appreciate the stained glass window, the previous owner made it himself but it feels so dwarfed by the orange walls in this space. I feel like the stained glass should be highlighted in a better way.

    WC House Before-5

    WC House Before-7

    And behold the “old master” bath, also painted safety orange. Please note the tiny shower and pedestal sink. Storage is certainly lacking in this space and we’re going to have to get creative for a while.

    WC House Before-6

    Transport yourself back to the kitchen. There’s access to the backyard right off the kitchen, and then a master suite addition added to the back of the house.

    WC House Before-33

    There’s so much potential in this space! Another initial course of action will be to remove the wall that separates both sides of this big room so we can really enjoy this space. The backyard is so beautiful, I imagine adding windows to the back wall to get a better view.

    WC House Before-20

    The layout of the master bathroom suite is a little funky, and we plan to make changes here to make better use of the space.

    WC House Before-21

    WC House Before-22

    WC House Before-23

    There you have it! Our new home! There’s a lot of work to be done and so much potential to be everything we hoped for in a ‘for-a-long-time’ home! I am seriously itching to get started, and the One Room Challenge™ is helping fuel that fire! Can you guess which room we’re making over for the One Room Challenge™?

    1. Woah! Doesn’t it make you scratch your head and wonder what people were thinking?! But it’s got good bones! And you’ll make it amazing… suddenly reconsidering WC (I commented on your house announcement post saying we’re moving to the Bay Area). I was worried WC was way too suburban for me, and we were thinking of focusing our search in Oakland… maybe I should rethink???

    2. This is so exciting! Can’t wait to follow along… (please don’t think I’m a stalker, AJ Folkman is my bestie )… We’re closing on our first home next week – a mid-century modern in Southern Oregon. I’d love to hear what your favorite white paint color is for walls. We need to do some painting too!

    3. Yay!! I grew up in Walnut Creek and my parents still live there! I had no idea growing up how lucky I was to be raised there, it’s wonderful and so beautiful! Great schools, great community, beautiful mature trees and of course such great shopping. Congratulations on your great find of a home! The exterior setting of your house is so charming. Good luck with your updates, can’t wait to follow along!

    4. What great bones to work with! I live in Walnut Creek too and we have a very similar front door. I was planning to replace it until a neighbor told me it’s original to the house. When I thought of all the people that door has welcomed in 60+ years I couldn’t bare to replace it! Luckily a coat of paint did the trick and we’ve kept it. It looks like you have LOTS of painting to do!! =)

    5. I’m kind of feeling like an Easter egg soaking in dye after that tour! I cant wait to see your transformation! Any photos of the pretty white walls now? Beautiful home! Very exciting!!! We have so much to look forward to!!! <3

    6. That stove is a Wedgewood and I’d kill to have one. They’re great. My family has had one for as long as I can remember and it’s never failed us. Good luck and I can’t wait to see how you transform the space.

      1. Are you local? Come take it off our hands! ;) The brand on the stove says “occidental”, which I think is almost exactly like a Wedgewood, right? We have some acquainting to do with this stove that’s for sure!

    7. Oh! I’m with Andrea! I love that stove. Are you really thinking of getting rid of it? Clearly you have some fans, including me, who can help you if you decide against using it! ;-)

      1. ha! I like learning that all these stove enthusiasts are also followers haha! We will keep it until we are able to renovate the kitchen, but I am almost certain we wont keep the stove while I appreciate it’s heritage and charm!

        1. Came back to see the excitement of the One Room Challenge…good luck and fingers crossed! But also wanted you to know to keep my email or post again when you decide what to do with your stove. I still love it and think it would be perfect in my house! ;-) Keep me in mind!

    8. Oh my gosh. those colors! Ha! I had to squint just looking on my computer, I can’t imagine how bright everything is in real life! Kudos for looking past that, the potential is definitely there. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out, and I will definitely be following your room transformation on the ORC. Good luck!

    9. Please think twice about ditching the stove! I had one of those from 1954 and it cooked like a dream. The fact that it has survived this long means it’s a good thing!

    10. Once I “walked in the front door” through your pictures, I immediately thought of what Dana of House Tweaking did to their house in Ohio. They vaulted the ceilings, and man oh man did it make a huge difference. Sadly she is no longer blogging, but her site is still up. If you aren’t familiar with her site, it is definitely worth a look-see. You definitely like a challenge, haha. All the best to you in you endeavours.

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