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  • How to make a Mid Century inspired Vanity from a Modern Cabinet

    Walnut bathroom vanity with gold hardware, black floors, white walls

    Wow. Our bathroom is 2 1/2 years old! It’s hard to believe because it still feels so current and new to us.

    We recently had a photo shoot at our house for an upcoming feature, and everything was legitimately the cleanest it has ever been, and I  just HAD to document it. I shared a BTS tour on my IG stories, and I got asked more than a dozen times where my vanity came from. We remodeled our bathroom about the time dressers-turned-vanities were a new thing, but I was having a hard time finding a dresser that fit the specifications and style I was going for, so, I decided to design my own with a local cabinet company! I sourced the brass tapered legs and hardware, and voila!

    California Modern brass, wood & marble bathroom | brittanyMakes

    Working with the trade to design your own piece of furniture is enthralling, and I hope to do it again someday soon! Anyway, I was checking out West Elm’s newer pieces of furniture a few days ago and spotted the Delphine cabinet.

    West Elm Mid Century Marble top Cabinet

    You guys, – it’s basically my vanity without the drawers! Marble top and everything!!! You can easily drill a hole in the marble and place a vessel sink on top and you have yourself a mid-century inspired bathroom vanity! There’s room inside for a P-trap, which is the main concern when converting a dresser to a vanity. I literally couldn’t write this post fast enough so share with you this idea. I spent about $1300 total on our vanity (cabinet + marble + legs + sink) so this seems like a steal! less than half the price of what we paid, you could get this:How to turn a cabinet or dresser into a mid century inspired vanity | brittanyMakes

    cabinet | sink | faucet | mirror | sconces

    This would be perfect for a powder or guest bath where you don’t need a lot of storage. Seriously! Someone needs to do this immediately!

    1. I am currently trying to figure out a redesign of a 65×65 inch master bath with a walk-in shower hidden behind one wall. (Shower must stay but it is separate from the 65×65 footprint). The mid-century modern house does not allow for expansion without huge costs involving removing outdoor hardscape situated over a ravine. Except for a bathroom remodel from the 1980’s, this house is original. I want to keep a modern but current look. I can use this small cabinet for the vanity. It will fit my current wall space where an ugly pedestal sink now sits. I am so excited and glad I looked at your ORC post.

    2. This is perfect for my house, but I am worried because the west elm cabinet is only 14 inches deep. Do you still think that would work?

    3. Hi! Love this, thank you for sharing!!

      I just wanted to ask how the cabinet and marble are holding up since the material is engineered wood with a veneer? We are about to do this with the larger Delphine Buffet.

      Thank you! Your bathroom redesign is gorgeous, I’m lucky to have it to inspire our own. :)

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