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  • Five Things Friday

    Our house got hit with a bad, bad cold over a week ago and poor Mara can barley breath! Sick infants are the saddest thing! I hope everyone is on the mend soon – I kind of feel like I’m dying from lack of sleep and am so thankful the weekend is here. Question for the parents out there – have you tried the Nose Frida? Everyone is telling me I should use it, that it’s the best invention ever and is more effective than the classic nose bulb thingy, but the idea kinda grosses me out and I’m conflicted…

    While I was home mending to sick kids, I noticed my dragon tree was shedding a few leaves and quickly realized it’s because our living room shades are down when we’re not home and the tree needs a little more light. I relocated the tree to a sunnier spot beside our built in pantry, and love the change!

    madagascar dragon tree in living room

    The wall was looking a little bare after relocating the tree, so I hung a vintage seascape painting I found at our local flea in it’s place. It looks great I think!

    vintage seascape and built in bookshelves

    Have you seen the new outdoor selection at CB2? If you haven’t, prepare to drop dead because this sectional and this chair are INSANE.

    Being a blogger, you’re required to learn and deal with things you’d rather just ignore and pretend don’t exist. SEO is one of those things, and I’ve realized recently I need to invest more time in and pry my hands from my eyes. My website isn’t going to SEO itself! Organic traffic is like gold, and being good at SEO is difficult. Thankfully Kimberly started a series to educate fellow SEO ignorers like myself, and I’m eating up every word!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Get it!!!! It grosses everyone out but I seriously think it’s THE greatest invention ever. Snot hasn’t ever made it to the filter, and if it did, it would have to get past the filter and through the tube to get to your mouth (which is impossible). It works much better than the bulb and you can clean it unlike those bulbs. I use some saline drops first.

    2. Another nose frida convert here. It works so well. It really gives babies such relief when they don’t understand how to blow their little noses (one of my daughters fought it, the other didn’t mind it, both appreciated the results). This is going to sound totally weird… But the other unexpected thing is how satisfying it is. Just like cleaning any other gross item, there’s something that feels like a job well done after using it!

    3. I couldn’t get over it either so I got the occobaby nose vacuum thingy and it works amazingly and no chance of making yourself super sick! I highly recommend!

    4. I’m a Nose Frida evangelist. It works soooo much better than the bulb syringe. (And the snot doesn’t get anywhere close to your mouth )

      Also, the CB2 outdoor furniture and planters are amazing!

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