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  • Five things Friday

    Floral wallpaper navy girls nursery | brittanyMakes

    I packed a lot in during this short week and I’m relieved to see the weekend!  This week I photographed two projects that have been on my to-do list for a while (including Mara’s nursery!), and it’s so nice to have them done. I’m excited to share them soon! Here’s a peek at Mara’s room because I just can’t keep this to myself.

    I’m on the hunt for a classic, simple looking camel leather tote. Any suggestions? This one is on the top of my list.

    I’m pretty confident I just nailed down my 7 minute makeup routine, and I just have to share my new trick! Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow sticks – they’re amazing. For an everyday look I use the vanilla for the highlight and bark for the outer shadow, I simply rub them on using my fingers – so easy!

    You know what else has saved me a ton of time getting ready?  This hairdryer. I had a boring hair dryer from Target that just died, and this one dries my naturally curly hair super straight and frizz-free in minutes!

    Mara is 12 weeks today, which seems crazy. Where does the time go??? I literally can’t get enough of those cheeks.

    Miss Mara

    Have a great weekend!

      1. Yes! great to hear! I just picked up the Transport tote this weekend, I wanted to try it on for size and ended up just getting it – it’s so pretty!

        1. Post a pic with yourself please!! I’ve been looking everywhere for a tote and the hardest thing is trying to figure out size and proportion. I’m a bigger lady, and it’s hard to figure it out.

    1. mara is simply adorable!

      i’m definitely going to have to save that hairdryer. i’ve been waiting for my current cheap one to break for forever it feels like!

      i also love that tote. i always forget about “fashionable”, which is just a shame because they really sell some beautiful products. madewell also have some very simple, classic totes but i think the brown is more of a cognac & the price is very similar. for the price, i think i would go with the one you linked. it’s always a plus to purchase for a good cause!

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