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  • Our new built-in Pantry

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    There are a handful of projects we’ve done in our home that have become completely life changing, and this pantry shot quickly to the top of that list. We now have a place to put food! And our vacuum! I can’t believe we didn’t consider this project sooner. Until now we’ve been living with a 15″x30″ food storage space for over 2 years, and all the while we made due, however our ‘fun’ food (chips, large beverages, big cereal boxes, loafs of bread, etc) would end up on our kitchen counters, driving me CRAZY. We didn’t have extra space to put our snack food, and our counters always looked a hot mess.

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    Once my husband and I were able to really consider the function of this entire wall, we realized it would be an excellent idea to chuck the black china cabinet and replace it with something that functions more appropriately for our needs. We actually didn’t chuck the cabinet, we sold it on Craigslist for dirt cheap, and ended up meeting the nicest family in the process! The wife bought the cabinet, and the husband actually runs his own painting company and we ended up contracting him to paint our built in shelving and fireplace! Win-win.

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    Anyway, back to this heaven-sent pantry, just like with the base cabinets surrounding the fireplace, we used 3 15″ x 90″ IKEA SEKTION high kitchen cabinets and DIY Shaker doors from Semihandmade. As I mentioned in the shelving post, our #1 priority was making sure the pantry doors also fit right in with our kitchen cabinet doors, as if they always went together from the start. Semihandmade offers the DIY door front options so that you have the ability to paint them however you please. We painted the pantry doors the same paint as the rest of our kitchen – Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams, which is the perfect moody navy-gray. In bright sunlight, the cabinets read 100% navy, and in indirect light, they read like the below image.

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    We ordered 6 DIY Shaker doors to cover the cabinets, a DIY panel for the left exposed side, and extra trim for the toe kick and header trim. We got all of these pieces painted professionally because it was better for them to be sprayed in a booth. Each piece got 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish paint, with sanding between each coat. The painting for the pantry + the doors to the shelving cabinets cost us about $400.

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    I ended up painting the front facing trim of the IKEA cabinets because they were peeking through the navy doors. I should have installed the dark IKEA cabinets instead of the white ones to have avoided this issue. Oh well! Also, please note the amazingness it is to have a home for our vacuum! It is currently mounted to that wall and makes me very, very happy.  The convenience having it steps away from whatever mess needs cleaning is a luxury.

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    The pulled back view also makes me very happy. Remember the before? Yeah, I’d like to forget that too… Here are a few more photos of the space, for your viewing pleasure :)

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

    Built in shelving with soapstone fireplace and gingham chairs | brittanyMakes

    Built in shelving with soapstone fireplace and gingham chairs | brittanyMakes


    Built in shelving shelf styling | brittanyMakes

    Built In Pantry with Semihandmade | brittanyMakes

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    1. Great job! I’m loving this and was actually thinking about doing something similar. Love that you kept that outlet in the cabinet for the vacuum. So smart :)

    2. Everything about this fireplace / pantry re-do is so fabulous. I love the colors – the white, the dark, and the brass pulls.

      Did I miss the post where you talk about the fireplace being finished? Is that your link to the soapstone – is that what that is? I’m in the planning stages for creating a fireplace of my own, collecting ideas. Thanks for sharing.

    3. This space looks great! I really love the color that you chose for the cabinets, moody is exactly the right way to explain it. The contrast of light and dark draws the eye but doesn’t detract from the rest of your decor.

    4. I would love to know what wood and stain you chose for your flooring. Your entire remodel is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been looking for the right blue for my island, and I think I may have found it now with SW cyberspace – thank you!

    5. Perfect timing! I just purchased 4 IKEA cabinets for a butler’s pantry, but wasn’t happy with the door choices. I will look up semihomemade and show my contractor your photos!

    6. Hi :)
      This looks so nice! Can i ask where you godt the small knobs from? (The brass ones on the top of the new cabinet)
      Sincerely Josephine

    7. Thank you so much for specifying how much it cost to have the doors professionally painted. I’ve been scouring the internets for ballpark prices on this and it is really hard to find! This helps a lot as as we will probably go the IKEA/Semihandmade route for our kitchen. Your home is a beautiful inspiration.

    8. hey hi, do you remember what length you got for the pull euro bars?
      getting my new laundry room exactly like this :D

      1. ohhh! Jealous of your laundry room! the pulls I got are the 10.5″ ones, let me know if you have any trouble finding them.

    9. Thanks so much for sharing the build-in pantry. My living room design will be inspired by yours. Can you share how the hidden hinges are connected between IKEA SEKTION kitchen cabinets and Shaker doors? Is it required the high skill carpenter to do it? Please share what kind of hinges were installed. Thank you and Happy New Year.

      1. Ikea provides their cabinets with hidden hinges! you can install yourself, it’s very easy. The shaker doors from Semihandmade are fit to match Ikea cabinets & hinges

    10. How are the IKEA cabinets holding up? We are considering them with the semihandmade doors for our kitchen reno, but I cannot decide if it’s a wise choice for such a high traffic area.


      1. They’re holding up GREAT! I find issue with Ikea’s free standing cabinets, but their kitchen cabinets are great and you have to secure them in place so they aren’t flimsy and instead are substantial and perform their function great. We’ve had them for a year now and they still look brand new.

    11. Hi! Love your house and pantry and everything. I’m trying to create something like this for our laundry room. How did you do the bottom? Did you do a toe kick?

    12. This looks amazing! I am hoping to recreate your brilliance in our kitchen, but the Ikea Sektion seems to come in either 24″ or 15″ deep– which did you use? How do you like that depth?

      1. We did the 15″ depth, which felt perfect for pantry items. i felt 24″ I would loose snacks etc in the back of the pantry and it would become an unorganized mess haha

    13. I was actually trying to figure out if you got the white cabinets at ikea too? If so do you remember what style?

    14. I absolutely love how this pantry turned out – I’m using it as my inspiration for what I’m going to do in my home. Do you happen to remember how much your Semihandmade doors cost? There aren’t any prices on their website. Thank you!

    15. Can you tell me what directions you followed to complete the DIY left exposed side, and extra trim for the toe kick and header trim? I just loved what you did…. I would love to do this in my bonus room.

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    17. Just wondering about the hinges you used? We bought a PAX and hoped it would work with the Ikea Sektion line but we were unsuccessful. The two are not compatible! (I was hoping to make the small door on top and big door on bottom work for my front entry. I think I’m driving my husband crazy with all this! Would love to hear from you! Thanks!

    18. I am also purchasing 15” x 90” IKEA Sketion cabinets. Did you have to do a custom size cabinet door from Semihandmade?….I’m not seeing the same cabinet door sizes that IKEA lists on the Semihandmade website drop-down menu….?

      1. Hello, how tall are your ceilings? We have 96” and we are going to purchase the 90” cabinets I see yours is flush with the ceiling. How did you achieve this?

    19. I love this post, we are in the process of designing our laundry/mudroom/pantry. I was trying to figure out what size cabinet I could get away with for the cleaning cabinet as well as our dyson. Thank you!

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