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  • Five things Friday

    The New Pillow Collection | the Vintage Rug shop

    Happy Friday! I had planned to post about the pantry this week, but the launch of our latest pillow collection and fresh restock of rugs took all my free time. Expect a post next week!

    The days left of my maternity leave are ticking down quickly, which has me a little stressed and anxious and sad. Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to ease the nerves, amiright?. Anthro is 40% off sale this weekend, I got this flattering sweater (in all 3 of the colors!) and this lace blouse.  Gap is having a major sale too! We’re having a record rainy season and I’m not really an umbrella person, so I grabbed this cute trench to wear when walking to and from the office.

    Give me ALL the stories of persistence, perseverance, and determination entrepreneurs go through to reach their dream. Podcasts, interviews, movies – I can’t get enough! I recently watched The Founder and man, I know it’s a hollywood movie but the story behind McDonalds is fascinating and a little sickening. Have you watched it?

    Free People shoes & The Vintage Rug Shop

    A lot of folks have asked where these clogs are from. First, let me say I am super short, like 5’3″ on a good day, so anything to help with my height issue is extremely welcome in my closet. These clogs are super comfortable and cute, even my husband thinks they look great which is saying something!

    I wish we were doing something fun this holiday weekend, but we’ve dedicated the next 3 days solely to potty training. I’m SO over changing my adult son’s diaper! JK he’s not an adult, but when you have a 2.5 month old your almost 3 year old’s diaper is just not fun at all. Wish us luck…

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