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  • Nursery Update

    Ellie Cashman Summer Squall Wallpaper

    We made some major progress on the baby’s side of our shared kids room these last two weekends! Last weekend we got the Ellie Cashman wallpaper hung. It’s the most STUNNING wallpaper I’ve ever laid my eyes/hands/body on. The midnight blue sequence matches perfectly with the rest of the walls, which are painted Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

    We hired out the installation because I’ve never once in my life hung wallpaper. We hired a father/son duo (they were adorable together, you could tell the father was so happy to be working with his son), and it was expensive. Like, double the cost of the wallpaper expensive. It hurt to have to pay it, but after seeing what they had to do to prep the walls etc and how efficient they were at it, I could see there is definitely a reason hanging wallpaper is an actual profession, and I wasn’t about to try and DIY my way through it.

    Wallpaper prep, hanging liner

    Installation on our wall was a two-day process. Our walls aren’t entirely flat, they’re not super textured either but a flat surface is super important for wallpaper installation. The installers came on a Friday evening, hand scraped the wall then laid this thick liner. It took them both about an hour to do this, including prepping the sequence of the wallpaper rolls.  The next afternoon, they came and hung the wallpaper, which took them not more than 2 hours.

    Yesterday we re-positioned most of the furniture in the room. Zano’s bed is now alongside the opposite wall, instead of sticking out into the room as we had it when we posted about A Night In. The campaign dresser we moved out into our entry/living room and put it behind our sofa as a console table. It’s way too big for the window wall in this room, so we have to find one that better fits the scale of that wall.  I could sell it, but I really don’t want to part with it. One day we will be in a bigger house and this dresser will have a place there. I’m thinking of ordering this dresser (haha yeah right, actually this one).

    The last major piece of furniture is the rocker. I had my heart set on this rocker, but after reaching out to the manufacturer (in Turkey) they quoted me nearly $3K for the rocker + shipping to the US. I wept a little, tried to contemplate ways to make it happen, then got back to reality and decided I needed to find an alternative.

    Lastly, we need to figure out some book storage, as we eliminated the book ledges from the wall to welcome the wallpaper, and Zano has accumulated quite the library! The cath is, we’ve ran out of wall space, so it has to be a non-shelf solution. Other than that, we’re almost there!

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