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    With everything else going on in our house, I wasn’t planning for our bathroom to be another huge overhaul.. but as I’m sure those of you who’ve also gone through house updates understand when I say – somehow one update always leads to ten more.. and before you know it you’ve stripped everything down to the studs!

    I’ve been obsessing over our bathroom design for months.  It’s given me headaches, searching for the perfect finishes since I know I really only get to do this the one time. It’s given me stomach aches, seeing how expensive bathroom remodels can get. We intended to recycle anything we could, but it was time to retire our 60 year old finishes and fixtures. Not all things ‘vintage’ are good!

    I’ve always loved the look of dresser-like vanities, they add a unique and custom quality to the space that you otherwise don’t find from off-the-shelf vanities. I thought I would search for the perfect vintage dresser to convert into a vanity. I searched and searched and searched. I almost bought one off Craigslist, but the dimensions weren’t quite right. We have a max of 40″ to work with, and most small dressers are in the 46″ range. As with a lot of the decisions we’ve made, my husband and I finally concluded if we’re going to spend the money, we might as well spend it on what we want, and do it right so that it fits the space and we won’t be cursing ourselves (or each other, ha!) later.

    Who doesn’t love black, white and gold? No one! It’s classic, and surprisingly can be put together in so many different ways it can still look modern and unique. It took about 17 revisions, but I finally nailed down our bathroom design. The above is pretty much everything we’re doing in the bathroom. To say I’m excited is absolutely the biggest understatement of the year!  A classic, yet modern Mid Century vibe is exactly what I’m going for, touches of brass are obvious but it’s the matte black fixtures that are in the spotlight this go ’round.

    SOURCES: // Matte back hex tile // Starburst brackets // Matte black wall mount faucet // brass wall sconces // Dresser (inspo for vanity) // brass knobs // white vessel sink // white subway tile // brass mirror LoveB

    1. Oh my gosh now that’s a HOT bathroom. I was drooling over the mat black fixtures when I looked at fixtures. I wanted to call it my Jax Teller collection ;)

      1. my goodness!!!! your bathroom is exquisite! thanks for sharing and validating my choices haha. Now i’m off to pin every photo :P

    2. Your bathroom is exactly like Sara’s from Smitten Studios. Did you use her design as inspiration?

      1. Oh yes! Her palette of black + white + wood is definitely one of my main inspirations! I can’t credit her enough :)

    3. Love how simple the tub is. I’ve had a hard time finding one like yours. Can you tell me where you got it and the name?

      1. Thank you! It took a lot of effort finding one like this! The brand is MAAX and we went to our local plumbing supply and they carried this brand of tubs.

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