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  • The Kitchen Reveal! (pre – flooring)

    Alright folks, the much anticipated reveal* is finally here! I say this with an asterisk because, sadly, we’re still living with subfloor in our kitchen & dining room.  We’re saving up for flooring for our entire house, and hey! If you’re feeling mighty generous and want to help a girl out, vote for me and I just might win some mula towards new flooring!

    If you’re new to our kitchen reno, jump to the end of this post for the full timeline.

    Without further adieu, here she is!!!

    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal

    To say I love my kitchen is a massive understatement. I am obsessed with it! I’m more obsessed than a tween watching Robert Pattinson walk into view in the first Twilight flick; I squeal like a piglet (in my head, not out loud, that would be odd) every time I walk into the kitchen. Sometimes I take a detour around my island when traveling from one corner of my house to the other JUST to be close to those cabinets!  I’ve caressed the counters more times than I can count, and I’ve certainly caught myself drooling in the farmhouse sink as I wash dishes.  I’m sorry I’m bragging about my new kitchen, try not to hate me too much, but I’ve never had something this brand new before in my home! My husband and I paid for it with our hard earned savings! It’s like a physical representation of our years of hard work, and we are mighty, mighty proud.

    Now, for that legit before & after photo that every reveal post needs:

    Kitchen makeover before & after // brittanyMakes

    Can you even believe it’s the same space? Neither can I.

    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


    Cedar & Moss pendant lights // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal


    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal

    navy, white & brass kitchen // brittanyMakes Kitchen Reveal

    Thank you so much for enjoying this reno process with me! Living through a kitchen renovation was one of the most difficult things my husband and I have ever done together, and we hired out! I can’t believe we almost DIY’ed the whole thing.  Major kudos to folks who can go through that together.  You can read here why we decided against DIY’ing our kitchen remodel.

    Sources are below.  Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions on anything or if I missed something that you want to know.   We’ve had the kitchen now for about a month, and besides learning how to care for marble counters and tip-toeing around the painted cabinets for fear the paint will fall off if we sneeze the wrong way (read here for why I have developed this complex), besides all that, so far everything has held up beautifully and we wouldn’t change a thing.

    Sources: Carrera marble counters | subway tile backsplash | farmhouse sink | exhaust hood | refrigerator | range | lower cabinet paint color: Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams color matched to Kelly Moore Dura Poxy | Target Windsor style counter height stools | Lew’s brass hardwareCedar & Moss pendant lights | CB2 bell flush mount light | Delta faucet | Target polka dot vases (in stores only) | Target gold & cement vase (in stores only) | Oh Joy for Target gold pitcherCapri Blue Candle footed chopping board | vintage rug

    Get caught up on the remodel!

    1. This is seriously SO beautiful! I have major kitchen envy and it is taking a lot of willpower not to go paint my kitchen cabinets RIGHT NOW!!

      Can’t even imagine how good it will look once you install new floors!

    2. Super pretty Brittany!! Love the gold accents and navy lowers! It was certainly worth all of the headaches! Looks amazing!!

    3. Holy navy and white this is freakin stunning Brittany. Everyday I wish we had hired out. Only because I just want ours done already! No need to tip toe around your cabinets love. I saw your comment on Emilys blog. You chose a great quality paint and by now its pretty well cured:) Also id totally vote for you with the flooring but I cant bc im on the designer panel. I just know whatever you do with the floor will be as amazing as this space already is!

    4. Brittany! This is gorgeous! So many details … the brass hardware, the lights, the beautiful color of the cabinets. It is sunny and bright and clean and fresh. Love!

    5. Well…it looks absolutely amazing! And I definitely know the feeling!! I always joke when talking about my kitchen, “I love it so much it’s almost as if I picked out every single detail myself.” Ha. But seriously, nicely done! I especially love the brass and how open it is on that one wall. So beautiful and airy.

    6. so pretty…what an amazing transformation! I love the way the lighting and faucet work together. You have definitely earned bragging rights

    7. Brittany, your kitchen is absolutely amazing! I love the colors, the navy, the gold. All of it!

    8. Would you mind sharing how far away your island is from your cabinets. I’m about to start a kitchen renovation with a very similar layout and I don’t know if an island will fit or not (fingers crossed it will). It’s a very beautiful, inspiring kitchen!

    9. Hey Becca! You’re definitely right. I chose the color off the swatch thinking it would be more charcoal-y black, it turned out to be a chameleon of a color – it’s a dark navy blue in some lights, mostly a charcoal-y blue/gray in other lights, it kind of depends on the time of day. It really brings out the grey veining in the countertops. I have been told the best dark colors are those that appear black on the swatch… anyway, I really love it!

    10. My kitchen is a mess these days..I had to chopp off my inferior cabinets so your kitchen is inspiring for the work Ive got ahead. LOVE the lamps, the color pallette. Question: did you paint the teal? How is the painting in the cabinets so perfect? Love, Lúlu

      1. Hey Lulu! Our General Contractor has a painter who professionally sprayed our cabinets with the paint we chose. We chose a high traffic, very durable paint to prevent chipping etc. It looks so smooth because the paint was sprayed on. Hope that helps!

    11. Hi Britney- I love this kitchen! Can you tell me what colour paint you use on the walls? It seems slightly more gray in contrast to the white ceiling and tiles. Also what colour are the cabinets? I’m in Ireland so we don’t have Sherwin Williams but perhaps I can find a farrow and ball alternative. Thanks for your help and thanks for sharing :)

      1. Hey Laura! The paint color on the walls is Benjamin Moore Paperwhite (a cool greyish off-white), and the cabinet color is Sherwin Williams Cyberspace color matched to Kelley Moore Dura Poxy paint. I LOVE Farrow & Ball paints, I would say just by looking at the swatches compared to our cabinets, Hauge Blue or Railings would probably be the closest, and maybe Black Blue. Cyberspace looked black on the paint swatch (as do these F&B paints) but obviously came out much more navy blue when actually painted on the cabinets. Hope that helps!

        1. Thank you Brittany! That’s a great help. I think FB strong white might be a good match with BM Paperwhite. I agree with you about the darker paint- I’ll probably go with Railings on my cabinets. You’re so helpful!

        2. Hi Brittany! Love the kitchen!!! I’m wondering why you colormatched to Kelley Moore? Is it a better paint? What sheen did you do??

          1. hey Katie! so, my uncle is a professional painter and finisher and he assures me the Kelley Moore Dura Poxy is one of the best most durable high traffic water based paints on the market. Our contractors also recommended this product, so I went with it. I have never used a Kelley Moore paint prior to now. I chose the lowest sheen in the Dura Poxy, i believe it’s Satin (as this paint doesn’t come in flat/matte – impossible to clean in high traffic areas).

    12. I love this kitchen so so much! We are currently refacing our cabinets and the door fronts come tomorrow! Eeek! We are planning on using the same hardware and same style door, how did you decide what hardware went on what drawer and door? I can’t seem to figure out what configuration/size would be best for ours!

      1. I definitely think the longer the handle the more impact it has on the overall kitchen! I’ve seen some kitchens with same hardware only smaller and the scale just doesn’t feel right. I went long pulls (10.5″) on all the drawers and all upper cabinets (I liked how they elongated the upper cabinets) and the small knobs on the lower doors (pulls=drawers, knobs=doors). You can always order a sample from and see what size works!

    13. Great question! We actually had to make this same decision. For us, the outside wall containing the fridge connects to our hallway so we just painted that side the same color as our hallway and left the rest the top cabinet color (white). In our case it kindof disappears if we had painted it the same color as the darker lower cabinets it would stand out more, which we didn’t want. Email me if you want, I could send you a picture of ours

      1. Thank you so much for your help! we have decided to go with the white on the fridge/oven unit with black on the island and lower perimeter cabinets and white uppers. I would love to see pictures of that wall in your house. Thank you so much for your help!!

    14. i am in love with this kitchen–it is absolutely beautiful! what color (and brand) did you use for the grout? i can’t tell if it is white or a light, light gray…thanks!

      1. Thanks Abby! The grout is just white grout, and not sure the brand, our tile guy i believe bought the materials at Home Depot so I assume it’s just whatever they have in stock.

    15. I have been looking at this same gas range on Amazon but there are only 2 reviews. Do you like it? Would you buy it again if you had the choice or would you go with something different?

    16. I want to do gold faucets and hardware in my kitchen remodel. What color of gold did you use for the faucet and where did you find the amazing cabinet hardware

    17. I absolutely love your kitchen. It is such an inspiration as we have just begun the process ourselves! I have a question regarding the brass pulls…have you had any problems with them catching on clothing or getting caught in a pocket? I have read that sometimes can be problem with this type of pull and I REALLY want these. Thank you!

      1. Great question! you know, i’ve never noticed them catching on me at all, the counters hit at waist level and the pulls and knobs really don’t hit at an area that would catch on pockets or jeans. its a great question, but i don’t think it’s something to worry about at all.

    18. This kitchen is amazing! I was wondering which farm sink you have? When I click on the link I can’t tell which exact sink is yours? Thanks!

    19. Thanks so much! Have you been happy with it? Had any problems? I am seriously considering putting one in our new house.

      1. i absolutely LOVE it! The single sink is actually very large, i can wash my dogs in it LOL. Anyway, it’s absolutely the best bang for your buck

    20. I love the color of the cabinets! What does Sherwin Williams Cyberspace color matched to Kelley Moore Dura Poxy paint mean? I found the Cyberspace color on the Sherman Williams website but don’t really understand the Kelley Moore part. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      1. Hey Jason, you literally take the paint swatch from SW to KM and they color match it with a special machine thing. It’s all technology! No need to compare to their color selection

    21. Your kitchen is beautiful!! We are doing something similar to ours because we love it so much. Can I ask where you got the rug? Thanks!

      1. I don’t actually, but it’s in between super veiny and spotty. I don’t care for the spotted look, but I love the veiny look! I assume it’s the most basic carrera, it’s not statuary or Calcutta

    22. Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen! I love it so much! One question… is that faucet the Champagne Bronze color? Did you do anything to it? It looks much better in your photos than it does in the delta photos, so I’m just curious. I’m very seriously considering your hardware and faucet. Thanks!

      1. It is the champagne faucet! And no I didn’t do anything to it. It’s super photogenic and looks amazing in real life. I would buy it again if I had to.

        1. Thank you so much for your quick response! I ordered it and some samples of the Lew’s brass hardware. Eek! You have no idea how helpful this has been. All these decisions are stressing me out.

          1. hahaha, no one tells you that part, when renovating! it sounds so exciting, but then the decision making comes and then the stress! I think you’ll love both the faucet and hardware!

    23. Hi! I found you and your kitchen while searching for images of brass hardware/faucets/pendants etc. and I’m so glad I did because we’ve pretty much got the same thing going on here. I’m just having a dilemma and maybe you can help calm my anxiety. I have that Delta faucet and your exact cabinet hardware, I also just received our island pendant lights (clear glass) and I’m slightly freaking out over how all of the shades of ‘brass’ are different. The pendants seem like a true polished gold to me, while the other items match a little better in that they aren’t as shiny. In your pictures I don’t notice the contrast like I do in my actual kitchen. So, do you notice it much? Did you get used to it? Will it all just flow together depending on the light/time of day? Do yours just match and I got a weirdly different batch? Any advice you can give would be great! Thanks.

      1. Hey Liset! Thanks for reaching out! I totally get what you’re saying. I will assure you, that you will only notice the different finishes if you place each item next to one another. Our pendants are slightly brighter than the hardware, and the delta faucet is slightly warmer than the hardware (I think..). Honeslty, once they’re in place, each item will be far enough from the other that it will all merry nicely. You wont notice that the finishes are slightly different. I promise!

    24. Everything here is gorgeous! Was wondering on the hardware since they are squared edges, do you ever find that you bump/get caught on them? My contractor recommended to not get hardware that sticks out like that but I love this style so much I’m willing to be a little injured every now and then? :)

    25. Love the knobs! Can you tell me your reasoning on where you used “pulls” and where you used “handles” Not sure if it really matters- but I’d love to hear your thought process. Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. Great question! I actually have been asked that a lot. I don’t think I had a hard and fast reason. I liked the long pulls on the horizontal drawers and on the tall upper cabinets, i like the way they look on the upper cabinets, like they make them look taller. The knobs I put on the skinny lower cabinets, and put them on the lower doors on my island.

    26. I’m dying right now! We are buying a 1950’s ranch and I’ve been dreaming of painting the lower cabinets navy and uppers a very light gray with brass everywhere. Your hardware and lighting are bang on! Thanks for confirming I’m not cray cray. You have a new follower :)

    27. Good question! Actually our walls are Paper White by Benjamin Moore a cooler white, so it looks purposeful. Friends of ours color matched their upper cabinets to get the walls to match.

    28. Hi Diana! We’ve had this sink for over a year and a half now, and I still love it! It’s absolutely the best bang for your buck, one of the most affordable farmhouse sinks out there. We haven’t had any cracks or dings in it at all, so I think it’s holding up well!

    29. Hey, Brittany! Well, I guess those with great names have great minds that think alike. I just googled the CB2 flushmount lights to see if I could find any images of others that might have used them and I found your site. So many elements of your kitchen are what I have in mind for our reno. I’m curious if you like that light? I’m thinking of using 3 along one side of the kitchen-actually very similar to your layout. I was hoping it would give good task lighting. How do you feel about them. Thanks for your time!

      1. Thanks Brittany! Glad you stumbled on this post! I actually have two of these flushmounts in our home, one in our hallway and one above the sink as you saw here. We love them! I totally recommend them, especially for the price!

    30. Gorgeous kitchen!! I’m remodeling my kitchen and have the same pulls and knobs. I’m putting knobs on the doors under my cooktop and want to put knobs on either side of the cabinets next to them, but can’t figure out where to place the actual know. I’m wanting mine to look like your sink/cabinets next to them. Do those cabinets open with a hing or do you pull them open? I want to place mine in the middle like yours, but wondering how yours open?? Thank you!

      1. Great question! the one on the left of my sink is actually one of the doors attached to the lazy susan, so that knob isn’t actually functional, but the one right next to it on the left wall is. the cabinet to the right of our sink is a spice cabinet, so it pulls out, and the two beneath the sink are doors, so they swing open. hope that helps!

    31. Hi Brittany,

      Your kitchen is gorgeous and I’m so happy I stumbled on your site and images. I’m pretty much going to copy most of it! Could you answer a couple of questions? The ikea hood is 26″ wide and your stove is 30″. Is that correct and if so, is it a noticeable difference? The hood is such an incredible price for a minimal design and I’m trying to save money everywhere I can. I’d also like to use the ikea sink in a 33″ prefab cabinet, but the cabinet people insist I need a 33″ sink. It looks like your contractor made it work without any issues. Did he have to tweak the cabinet to make it fit? Thanks for any advice and your site and your house is beautiful and really inspiring. Thank you! Tara

      1. Ha! If I originally knew the hood was not as wide, i have certainly forgotten about it. Goes to show you it’s not noticeable! Our contractor took a prefab cabinet and removed the top drawer, cut out just perfectly so the sink would fit, and added some support etc. It looks like it was made for the sink!

    32. Hi, I’m curious where you ordered your cabinets from? I’m looking for the same and wanting prefab too :)
      Great job, beautiful colors!

    33. Hi! Wondering what Ikea sink model is in your beautiful kitchen and also what company makes that faucet??

      Thank you!

    34. It just occurred to me that my last message may have been a posting to your site instead of a direct email. That was not my intention!?

    35. Hi Brittany,

      I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation and am using similar pulls from Lewis Dolin. When I took the pulls to match with the Delta Champagne Bronze, it didn’t seem to match. I thought it was close enough but the salesman is trying to talk me into a more expensive faucet. I just wanted to see if you are happy with the match.

      1. Hey – actually you’re correct, if you put the two right next to each other you will notice the difference. But, you will absolutely not notice the difference when they’re installed because they aren’t next to each other! I could never tell after both were installed that the finishes were different, and it never bothered me. I suggest you take the pulls, put them about 3 feet away from the faucet, then back up a few feet and see if the difference bothers you?

    36. Hi Brittany – your kitchen is beautiful! Can you tell me what glass globe size you used and the length of the pendant lights? I’m looking at Cedar and Moss for my kitchen remodel. Again, love your kitchen! Julie

    37. Yes, I am alittle late to the party. Just a beautiful kitchen renovation. My question is about the dimensions of your island, the depth of the Carrera countertop, and all overhang dimensions.
      Also,would it be possible to post/send to me, pictures of all sides of island? I’m curious if there is shelving and drawers as well. I have a smallest footprint of a kitchen but I think this just may work.
      I simply love it.

    38. Hello, can you post pics of the floor after you finished?!?! I’m doing my kitchen in similar style and cannot decide on flooring. Thanks!

    39. BEAUTIFUL kitchen! So much so, that we are trying to create our own.

      I wanted to check that you have the Delta faucet in the champagne bronze colour. That is the one we have as well but we are having such a difficult time finding matching hardware. With the hardware you linked, you have it in brushed brass?

    40. I love the color combination you used for the kitchen! I was considering a similar color scheme do you think some off white solar shades would work well I was thinking of buying these I like solar shades because they still let some natural light in but not sure if it would look weird I would appreciate it if anyone has any recommendations.

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