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  • Kitchen Update: Painted Cabinets

    kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes

    We have kitchen progress!

    Man, if I could only explain exactly what it took to get to this point, you’d probably leave with a migraine.  But! Before we dive into the details, let’s take a minute and admire our kitchen so far!

    kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes


    kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes


    kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes

    I never anticipated that painting the lower cabinets would cause so much drama.  If you remember the last I mentioned our kitchen, all cabinets were white (like the uppers), the counters were still just the plywood supports, the sink had just been installed, hardware was missing, light fixtures were missing, and the back splash was non-existent.  So much progress has happened since! What’s crazy is, the majority of these beautifying things happened over just a weekend.  (sorry for all the iPhone photos!)

    cabinets painted // brittanyMakes


    Our counters were installed and almost immediately the cabinets were painted.


    cabinets painted // brittanyMakes

    And everything was starting to look beautiful! We could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and were stoked we’d soon have a kitchen again!

    What’s all this the drama about the cabinets, you’re wondering? WELL. First off, I can’t even explain how this decision was made, but somehow the painter (and presumed professional painter) painted our cabinets with flat interior wall paint.  Our contractor said, “I have an account at Sherwin Williams, go pick out your paint color”, which I did, and chose SW Cyperspace.  I explained how I do not want sheen on the cabinets.  Obviously I’m not a professional, so I would expect that a professional painter would say “well, we can’t do flat because it will be impossible to clean, finger prints will be permanent stains” etc etc.  If he had made any mention of this I would have said ‘OK, what’s the lowest sheen we can go that we can keep clean.  Oh, Satin? Let’s to it then!’ but no, somehow he just selected a paint completely unsuitable for kitchen cabinets and went ahead and painted the cabinets. We were none the wiser until about 3 days later when they came over to install the drawers and doors.  They picked the cabinets off of the cardboard where they were drying and the paint started peeling off.  Literally, peeling off! We found out they didn’t use primer either.  Seriously?! I’m not a professional painter and even I know primer is a must, especially on surfaces that have an existing finish!

    I was pretty peeved after this.  The foreman tried to say that paint was what we wanted.  LOLs right? So they had to scrape off ALL the paint and start again.  This time they chose a high traffic, extremely durable paint called DuraPoxy Premium Interior Enamel from Kelly Moore.  They also primed first, thank God.

    photo jThe above photo was after they painted the second round, and installed the hardware.  Go ahead and laugh, the cabinet knobs are upside down lol! Simultaneously, when the hardware was being installed, the tile guy was installing our backsplash.  I could kiss the tile guy.  He was SO precise and SO methodical.  I was super impressed with his work.

    subway tile installation // brittanyMakes


    Here’s that close-up of our back splash, and our cabinets, and our delicious hardware!


    kitchen update: painted cabinets // brittanyMakes


    As I’m sure you can guess, our kitchen is done (besides the floors).  Even though there have been bumps in the road during this remodel, we are beyond happy with the end result of our kitchen.  We haven’t fully moved back into our kitchen yet, I mean, I want those cabinets to cure!  And of course, I can’t wait to show you proper after-photos. Soon, very soon!

    Get caught up on the remodel!

     Special inspirational credits go to Sarah of Smitten Studio and her fabulous kitchen

    1. I understand on the cabinet painting stuff. When we built our last house they did a “flat enamel”, which was terrible, plus they primed white underneath the finished black paint, so when the paint started chipping, it was hideous! Plus, on our kitchen cabinets they must have used a subpar urathane as the top coat over the stain, for when it got lightly scratched it looked like weird chalk marks on it. It was very upsetting, considering how much we paid for it all!! My hubby wouldn’t say anything about it at the time, so we just sucked it up, and I was constantly doing touch-ups. Good for you that you pushed the issue!! Great job!! Your kitchen looks amazing!

    2. Ugh! I’m sorry things didn’t go smoothly but I am in LOVE with the cabinets! That color, the hardware. Love. it. all. Can’t wait to see when it’s all done!

    3. Looking great – sorry for all of the drama though. I think I’m going to do those pulls in the rounded shape on our island!

    4. It’s looking great! We’re still waiting on parts of our kitchen so I totally understand what it’s like. You must be so thrilled with being so close to the end!

    5. looks SO good!! I’m getting quotes from painters for our house .. ugh (I’m so scared it’s going to be a disaster!) I’d love to do it all ourselves, but for the main room, the ceiling is too tall!!

      1. Our general contractor sourced the cabinet doors, i believe it’s a wholesale vendor in Los Angeles, but they are Shaker style and can easily be replicated!

        1. I’m late the the game…but have a question. I have a color wheel of Sherwin Williams and Cyberspace looks black. Have they changed it since, or does it just look black on the chip?

          1. Correct! It looks black on the chip. I suggest getting a sample, it’s so strange how the color can come out so differently than the chip but it’s def a dark navy!

    6. I love your gray-blue SW color!! When they painted the second time with the DuraPoxy from Kelly Moore, did they just replicate the SW’s color? I guess I’m confused by how you still achieved the SW Cyperspace shade when using a different brand of paint. Thanks for helping me understand! We’re doing a remodel and I would LOVE to have cabinets the shade you chose! Stunning. :)

      1. Most paint companies have access to their competitor’s paint mixtures (maybe I’m not supposed to know this, but I saw it happen on their computer screen! Literally a drop down selection to SW – Cyberspace paint mix already in their system). Maybe if you put the two brands side by side you would be able to tell the difference, but i didn’t do that and I can’t tell the difference at all! But yes, you can easily take a paint swatch from one brand/store and get it color matched at the paint shop of your choice.

    7. Wow, I’m really surprised to see your cabinets are dark grey, I totally thought they were navy. Going for a very similar look in my kitchen but just discovered that blue is going to cost waaaay more than grey. Trying to decide if it is worth it :-/

      1. Hey Alexis, they are navy! they just look different in different light, and the paint swatch almost looks charcoaly blue, but in person they’re a really great dark navy.

        1. Oh wow. It’s such a perfect colour, which sends me back down the expensive custom paint job again.

          You mentioned that you painted over an existing finish, what was it? Was it already a painted door or did it have melamine or vinyl wrap?

          1. The existing finish was your standard white over plywood. I think most manufacturers bake the white on, not sure how it’s done honestly, but the actual cabinet door is made of wood. My painter primed then sprayed the custom color on top. hope that helps!

          1. In well lit, natural sunlight, it’s totally navy! It’s one of those colors that changes, which I find so interesting!

    8. Hi! Is the paint on cabinets the Kelly Moore listed above or Sherwin Williams? Also, is the color cyberspace? Thanks!

      1. Hi Shelly! The paint color is Cyberspace from the Sherwin Williams collection, which I had color matched to Kelly Moore paint.

    9. Hi! Your kitchen is beautiful! I’m actually in the process of painting my cabinets Cyberspace and am trying to decide on a wall color. Not sure if I should go white or a very light gray. Could you tell me what wall color you went with in your kitchen? Thanks!

      1. Excellent! I love the color of our cabinets! We went with a cool white for the wall colors (Paper White by Benjamin Moore). I think if you stick with any white or grey with cool undertones it will coordinate very well :) I chose a white so as not to compete much with the cabinet color, so the cabinets were the highlight of the space

    10. Hi there! Your kitchen is amazing! I’ve been looking for the perfect blue & you nailed it. I saw that it was Sherwin Williams Cyberspace but when I got that swatch it is really a dark gray. Did you blend it w/something?

      1. I get this question so frequently! I promise you, once you paint a sample piece of wood/foam board and put it in your space to see how the light hits it, you will see this navy come to life. The swatch really doesn’t represent the true paint in real life! It’s bizarre, but also I find super intriguing about this color.

    11. Hi Brittany- You have a beautiful kitchen. Did they spray a clear coat over the enamel paint? Thank you.

    12. Your kitchen is beautiful! I’m doing SW Naval in our Jack/Jill bath, hoping it looks similar to your’s! The gold hardward is spectacular and MAKES the space! Definitely doing that! Well done! What fixtures or pendants are you planning to hang over your island? I’m going gold….

    13. Beautiful kitchen! Can you tell me if you panelled your refrigerator and dishwasher? If so, what appliance pulls did you use to match cabinet hardware? I believe your pulls look like the freestone pull from Emtek which I have purchased for my kitchen reno but I’m unsure what appliance pull to match with it since they don’t make a matching one.
      Thank you!

      1. Hey Heather! We actually didn’t panel our fridge or dishwasher, wish we did though i love that look! Our pulls are the Lews Dolin collection (we bought ours from and they do sell an appliance pull in this collection!

    14. Hi, can you comment what how long your pulls are in comparison to the width of the drawers/ cabinets? I really like the proportions in your kitchen remodel.

      1. Hi Tazy! The pulls we used are the 10.5″ ones, and I agree i think their sizing makes all the difference!

    15. Hi! I’m so happy to find this, I love these colors. I know you said the base cabinet paint is DuraPoxy Premium Interior Enamel in SW cyberspace – did you go with the satin finish? Thank you!

    16. Hi! I love the way your kitchen came out. We’re redoing ours with blue cabinets too. Do you remeber what color grout was used for the subway tiles in the backsplash? Thanks!

    17. Beautiful kitchen @britannymakes! Can you tell me which white was used on the UPPER cabinets? I’m going crazy trying to figure out which ‘white’ to use… who knew there were so many?

    18. How have you cabinets held up? Also, with the dark color are you constantly wiping them down to keep them clean?

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