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  • Demo Update – The beam is in!

    If you’re just tuning in, we’re (finally!) working on our house! For what we thought would take us ages to accomplish, we’ve finally made moves to get some work done.  It all started last week when the construction crew took down the load bearing wall separating our living room from our dining/kitchen.  When I got home that day this is what our front yard looked like:

    house remodel | brittanyMakes

    It’s crazy to see how much work can get accomplished in one day.  This crew works fast! I was afraid my neighbors would get upset over the mess, but our construction crew cleaned this up in a flash.

    The second day was completely devoted to getting that load bearing beam in place.

    house remodel | brittanyMakes



    house remodel | brittanyMakes


    Apparently this beam is like a thousand pounds. A thousand pounds of glory! You see how fab my living room looks now that the wall is gone? Yes it’s still a mess, but it’s so open and amazing!

    house remodel | brittanyMakes


    The next step is to get this beam approved by the inspector, then the crew will patch everything back up and hide the fact that wall ever existed.

    Have I mentioned we’re tackling the kitchen too? Oh boy, things just got good REAL fast.

    See our living room plans here

    See the first demo day here LoveB


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