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  • From The Weekend: 4th of July


    From the Weekend: baby's first photo booth | brittanyMakes


    From the Weekend | brittanyMakes


    I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating America and all her glory! For us it was sadly another year we missed a fireworks show, I don’t know how we seem to always miss a show, but there were plenty of pyro-enthusiests setting off fireworks leading up to, and of course after, the holiday.  We spent the weekend in Monterey, CA, my husband’s hometown, celebrating the union of some close friends.  What a fun weekend to get married, huh? We even brought Zano to the wedding! As you can see in our photo booth pics, we had a great time, although I have to work with Zano on his poses, he didn’t quite understand he needed to mix it up on each shot :P  Silly 5-week olds.

    I’ve gotten this question a lot so I thought I’d explain where sir Zano’s name from.  We named him after my husband’s dad, Luciano, a hearty Italian man who came to America straight from Venice. Zano, pronounced “Z – on – o” is somewhat a derivative of Luciano, which we use as his nickname.  So yes, when he’s an adult and decides Zano is not a businessman’s name, he can resort to his full name, if he chooses.  We, however, will call him Zano, as it is unique and is as hearty as his heritage.

    So there you go! And tell me, what did you all do this weekend? Did you miss a fireworks show like we did?


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