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  • Meet Olive!

    Hello! I wanted to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Olive the Frenchie!

    Olive the Frenchie | brittanyMakes


    You may already know, we’re a bulldog family.  We have one English Bulldog, and now two Frenchies! Sounds like a lot, but honestly if you already have two, adding a third is no thing.

    Olive comes from a very special place.  Do you know Maria of DreamyWhites? Maria’s blog was one of the first blogs I started reading. Her photography is perfection, her eye for French Farmhouse style decor and accessories is envy educing! I can’t get enough of everything she does.

    Maria and her family breed French bulldogs, I guarantee you’ve seen images of her darling Frenchies all over Pinterest.  A couple weeks ago she posted about her new litter being available, and seriously, I feel like the timing couldn’t be better.  My husband and I have wanted another Frenchie for quite a while, but always felt like we couldn’t do it either because we were renting or our living situation would change in the short term.  We bought a house and now we have a yard and now I’ll be home with our son (due in 10 days, yikes!) and we just feel like its the right time.  Trust me, I’ve already received dozens of looks and smirks and comments from strangers at the pet store or at the vet, looking at my 9+ month belly and asking me “what are you THINKING?”  I don’t have to explain myself to strangers, but I will say, we’ve done the puppy thing twice before.  With the influence of our 2 well trained dogs, Olive will learn even quicker.  I don’t have to tell people, but I’m up for the challenge.

    Olive has such a fun, loving and energetic personality, I’ve been trying to get a good picture of her with my camera, funny enough she posed for me in our bathroom ;)

    Olive the Frenchie | brittanyMakes


    I recommend checking out Dreamy Whites Instagram accounts (DreamyWhitesLifestyle & FarmhouseFrenchies) and blog for more pictures of Olive and her siblings.  Guaranteed, you wouldn’t resist one of these pups either!



    1. Congratulations! LOVE her and her name! We got our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy when I was pregnant with our first baby and it’s worked out beautifully. The kids (humans and fur baby) will grow up together and it’s been a dream. CONGRATS!

      1. oh this is good news! I’m still slightly worried we jumped the gun, but I think at the end of the day it will all work out :)

    2. She could not be more adorable! Almost makes me want one too. ;) I can’t believe you’re only 10 days away…ready to see that little guy!

    3. Oh my gosh what a freakin cutie pie. I would die. What a wonderful way to wrap up your pregnancy than snuggling with a little puppy! We’ve always thought about a frenchie- we heard they talk a lot which is probably why we’ve hesitated since we’ve gotten used to our non talking boston. He’s unlike any dog I’ve seen- he can’t figure out how to bark and it’s hilarious.

      So glad you could give another cutie a home. What’s another fuzzy one?!

    4. How can you not love bulldogs? I’m currently playing with my two English Bulldogs and I would love a Frenchie! Congratulations on this new little one and many more blessings with the next one!!

    5. yeah!!! they are the SWEETEST. we plan to breed her in a year…. just keep that in the back of your mind! PS I owe you my post. I’m getting it to you today.

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