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  • Friday I’m in Love {My Favorite Things!}


    friday faves // brittanyMakes

    // ONE I still can’t get enough of coral lately, and this cross body bag could be that perfect pop of color over your winter neutrals // TWO the designer at onefortythree is killing me with his collection of brass sconces, I am obsessed with this shaded sconce, obsessed! // THREE I’ve made many poufs in my day to save a buck or two, but these poufs from Target are a STEAL! I think I like this one the best // FOUR we all need just one pretty, simple, black & white vase in our collection // FIVE if the velvet looks this luxurious in a photo, imagine how amazing it must be in person! Throw two of these on your bed and you just welcomed Spring, and Summer!

    I’m SO looking forward to this weekend.  The first week of every month for an accountant blows.  Sometimes I’m better prepared for the busy week than others, but with my dad going thru recovery I’ve pretty much spent every night with him at the hospital.  I’m happy to say he’s finally going home today! The surgeons had to do some crazy things to him to scoop out all that cancer in his throat, including splitting his jaw in half from the front (JEEZE right?).  I am happy to report he’s swallowing, talking, drinking water, and is very energetic for all the crazy crap he had to go thru to be cancer free.

    What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun?


    1. I’m so glad your dad is doing great. My uncle went through the exact same thing.
      And I was so upset that I couldn’t buy that pouf this week. Why oh why :(

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