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  • That time I photographed people

    Wow.  OK Thursday, here you are! This week has been weird, yesterday my dad was in surgery for 17 hours (17 hours!!!).  That’s so long I don’t get it.  Anyway, thank you everyone who posted such great comments on my Instagram yesterday.  Totally heart warming, seriously.

    In case you’re curious, my dad was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010.  You might wonder if he’s a smoker, he’s not.  Never smoked a day in his life.  Sometimes shit just happens for no reason, to people SO undeserving.  Well, back in 2010 he went thru the normal chemo+radiation treatment, cleared it up and was cancer free for almost 3 years.  A couple months ago it came back so we’ve been doing all it takes to get rid of that crap.  I’ll admit, it feels a little strange to bring this stuff up on the blog, so much stuff goes on in peoples lives behind the scenes that we leave out, to keep a blog a pretty and happy place.  Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t share, but there’s really no reason not to share.  Someone else is always going through something similar, and for some, it helps to relate.  Anyway, for those who have battled cancer, have family members and loved ones battling cancer, I feel you.  It’s a rough ride, and recovery isn’t always as simple as walking into a surgical room with cancer, and walking out cancer free, so with that I feel lucky that my dad has this option.

    So anyway, I don’t have a great segue to the topic of this post so I’ll just bring it up all awkward like – this post is about my first time photographing people! I usually photograph standing objects, like chairs or nightstands, and the occasional bulldog.  It was so fun to photograph  my good friends who are expecting a baby in a month.  This is a special time for them, which is a perfect excuse to take some pictures.  I am not a pro, nor do I pretend to be one, but photography is SO interesting and my skills are ever evolving and I really enjoy learning .  Without further adieu, here are a few of the pictures of this gorgeous couple:

    maternity photo session | brittanyMakes maternity photo session | brittanyMakes


    Congratulations Schon & Alyson! I cannot wait until our sons meet, and to share in all the play dates :)

    1. You did a lovely job, Brittany! The photos are just lovely.

      And, seriously, I’m thinking about you and your family…so hard. Cancer is basically the worst, and loosing a parent to it is no fun to, you know, put it mildly. I personally like when bloggers open up a bit about their lives. We blog to inspire, right? Because we want people to DIY some stuff and feel that sense of accomplishment that we feel when we finish something on our own. Sometimes, I think readers already feel like they can’t do this stuff because of time or even ability, and sometimes I think it becomes all the more unapproachable for them if they think bloggers have perfect lives. Like…”Of course, they have the time to do this. They’re not having to worry about the X, Y, and Z that I’ve got going on.” Anyway, that’s just my thought, but it definitely feels awkward bringing it up sometimes. Whew. That’s enough talk.

    2. I was MIA yesterday on Instagram. I had no idea. Wishing your dad the very best!!!

      On a mother note your photographs are amazing. Love the one behind the tree!

    3. I wish the best for you! It’s never easy talking about it and I hope it benefits you more than you expected. Don’t forget to take care of yourself [or maybe your mom if she’s the main caregiver]. It can really take a toll on a family. I think almost anyone can relate these days. Take care and God bless!

    4. Thank you for sharing. Good or bad, gentle of harsh it’s real and so are you. Blessings and hearts to you and your family. The lovely coiple you photogaphed and shared…enchanting !

    5. I just found your blog a little while ago, I find it beautiful and inspiring. Your photographs of the couple are amazing!

      Thank you for sharing your story and I wish the very best for you and your family!! So many of us can relate including myself and I think it was really brave of you to open up!!

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